I’m Scared …

“If people would know how little common sense is managing the world,
they would have died of fright”

-I’m scared of small people in responsible positions .

I’m scared of ignorance.

I’m scared of big capital.

I’m scared of carelessness to the planet.

I’m scared of carelessness  to the people.

I’m scared of  wrong and bad educations.

I’m scared of non education.

I’m scared of  interest of the great powers.

I’m scared of ideals.

-I’m scared of discrimination.

I’m scared of lack of love on Earth.

I’m scared of hatred.

I’m scared of fear of change.

-I’m scared of  acceptance .

I’m scared of human destruction.

I’m scared of climate change.

I’m scared of ideology.

I’m scared of nepotism.

-I’m scared of interest of individuals.

I’m scared of wrong beliefs.

I’m scared  that you are not aware that You Can Do It.




Once in a time, I have discovered that we are, humans,we are walking universe. That we create our own destiny. After that, nothing was the same !


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