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When our world was created, God is decided to with  humans share intellect.Most people said it is enough to me, and for my generation. Most people think that they are smart enough, and because of that they do not need to be smarter.

But what is that mean at all. To be smart.Are you smart.I will ask you a few question, and if you can answer with YES in most of them, you are smart.

Are you happy?

Do you often doing things in which you enjoy ?

Do you enjoy in small things ?

Are you dreaming big dreams?

Are you trying to achieve your dreams ?

Are you aware that your life is in your hands ?

Are you honest with yourself ?

We have over the internet, over the globe a lot of IQ tests, and they can tell us are we are smart or not. Do you believe in that ? I don‘t . Because we all have some propensity to a certain area, but we are weaker in others area.But what means be smart!!!???

Let ‘s take a look.

I will connect first and the second questions, and try to answer in one answer. The hole purpose of our lifes is to do things in which we enjoy, and when we doing that we are happy because of the chemistry, our body is full of hormones of happiness like Serotonin and Endorphins .It is so simple.Because of this hormones you are happy. Because of stress hormone Cortisol you are sick.So true.So let’s products Serotonin and  Endorphins  🙂

If you do not enjoy in small things, like sunset, or rain, or gust of wind ,or hanging out with your family, you will never be happy at all, then you don’t know how to live in the moment ,in the present. You are living in the past or in the future. You are blind despite eyes.

Every life in the world, pretend to grow. Just look at the grass. Between the stones, grass finds a way to grow ,this is life. Life always pretend to grow. You are life. You must grow if you want to feel alive .You must have a big dreams to keep you alive, and you must work on your dreams. They are only yours. Grow with them, it is not big if you compare him with universe, or even with earth, but it is yours, and you must achieve them.

As Paulo Coelho said in his great novel The Alchemist,what is the biggest lie in our lifes:

It’s this: That at a certain point in our lives, we lose control of what’s happening to us, and our lives become controlled by fate.We are the masters of our lifes hole time. Ok…!?Yes, it is much easier to blame others for your failures,society, parents, spouse,but come one.Wake up. You are the master. Be responsible with your life.

This leads to next,last but not least important question, are you honest with yourself. Remember first sentence in this post.If you want to make some changes in your life you must be honest with yourself.The biggest problem which alcoholics have is they deny that they are alcoholics.When they admit this, they are in the halfway to healing.Can you imagine how your world will look like if you are honest !!!??? I am sad often, I want to change that, no matter what reason is. I have a bad temper, and I want to change that,they say I am born with that, but I know, I can change everything.

If you can answer YES with most of above questions, you are so smart, so live, and you will always be happy my friend, and can be only smart people.

If you are honestly answered with NO on most above questions, it is great too, because you are honest with yourself, and please start from the end, and be smart .

And you really can.Be smart, be happy,be yourself, You Can Do It !!!


Once in a time, I have discovered that we are, humans,we are walking universe. That we create our own destiny. After that, nothing was the same !


  1. “If you do not enjoy in small things, like sunset, or rain, or gust of wind ,or hanging out with your family, you will never be happy at all…”



    • Hi Jordi,

      thanks for your comment. I think the most people have the same problem.
      They live to much in future/past, and too little in present.
      They will be happy when they start to live in present.


  2. Dear Ben,
    Do you have a Fan Club by any Chance? If not, I don’t mind creating one..hehe. I see sooo much of me in your writing! Hugs:) you truly a messenger!


    • Hello Jayshreee ,

      hahaha…no my friend , I don’t have a fun club. I do not consider myself as a star.I am just ordinary guy with ordinary. I only have extraordinary thoughts, because I have discovered how strong our mind is.Thank you so much for your supportable reply .

      God bless you and thank you thank you thank you


      • You Are A Star! Guiding Star, Twinkling Star, I myself have Starry eyes after reading your thoughts…just blows my mind, as I read more. Wow!!


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