Is it our road already determined-Part III


Did you know how dogs are trained.Repeating the same actions every day. You must connect action with reward, and than .The dog must first to understand what  you want from him. This is very first step. And then you must train that action with him until it becomes his habit .

For example, if you want to teach him to sit down, you should push his back down, say him “sit”and force him to do that, then you should reward him for that. After a while he will have a habit to sit down every time when you told him that.

From an early age  they taught us that we should every morning when we got up,first wash your face, and brush your teeth.

In the beginning our parents must push us every day, to do that, but after a while this becomes our habit for  life. Now, if I skip one of this actions in morning, that day I feel dirty all day.

We are like dogs, habit beings.Don’t forget this.

I’m not an IT expert,but I know that when you want to perform some changes in your computer to break the system, you should enter into BIOS from where you perform this operation.When the computer  turns on BIOS is checking whether the hardware is ok,in background he checks and supports the functioning of the entire computer.BIOS is in most cases  reserved only for IT experts , when is something wrong with our computers.Can we learn how to use BIOS ? Of course we can. I know a lot of peoples who are not IT experts, but they know how to break his system and install a new one.

Let’s say, that we have our BIOS in our head. It is subconscious.She is available to a small number of people, like psychiatrists, psychologists, hypnotists.The hypnotist  can to  hypnotized us  and went into our subconscious and to take over the role of our consciousness. In such conditions, it commands us, and whatever he tells us  we will listen. I have read, how the hypnotists is hypnotized some person, and ordered her to bark and she was barking,he told her that she was cold, and it was really cold to her.

You must have read that people under hypnosis remember many things which  awake they not remember . It is so scary in movie The Fourth Kind, when main actress plays a psychiatrist who examined patients under hypnosis about the fourth kind.The patient remembers all the details under hypnosis,which is forgotten in the conscious state,and begins to scream, until she wakes up him.

How ?

Because, our subconscious can everything,  now everything and remember everything.

But she can not one thing, and it is to decide by itself.That’s why she needs us, and conscious part of the brain to determine her course of action. We should enter in our BIOS, in our subconscious, and reprogram her in a way that we would like to.

I will explain how, in my next chapter which will be the last under this title.


P.C. You Can Do It !



Once in a time, I have discovered that we are, humans,we are walking universe.
That we create our own destiny. After that, nothing was the same !


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