Life Is Like A Stock Market

Life is like a stock market, full of climbs and falls!


Market …hm. I love this word. The place   where supply and demand collide. If you want to buy some goods, the market is right place for you at the price at which the seller is ready to sell.

So, how  valuable a particular commodity is? As much as the market is ready to pay. All the goods in the world, gold, silver, sugar, oil, or currencies EUR,USD,JPY, GBP have their own charts. But not only they, open-ended joint stock companies have their own charts. Companies like Facebook, Twitter, Apple, McDonald’s have their own charts.

The situation of a company or a currency pair  we can easily find out by insight into their chart.We can find a lot of information’s there.  For good companies, which are in a healthy state, the trend is most of the time  in the upward path. For companies in bad shape, the trend is in a downward path.


We have three types of market movements:
-Ranging market (without trend).

None of these trends is  absolute.For example Uptrend on Daily time frame, could be a downtrend on lower time frames, like hourly . Also the trend never moves straightforward. Up trend is a trend that mostly moves up but not all the time. It is the trend with lot of ups and downs. Trend with a lot of consolidation, because market must enter in one period into the consolidation .

During the consolidation period, forces are being gathered for a new continuation of the trend.Also if consolidation takes a longer period then we can talk about ranging market.On ranging market the trend could  be reversed at any time, but here I don’t want to talk about downtrend.

Life Is Like A Stock Market

We all have ups and downs.We have a consolidation periods, when we are collecting strength for a new continuation of the trend.Sometimes we will meet an obstacle that is difficult to overcome. It is like strong resistance in uptrend. But we must be brave, and we must be persistent.We must to tell ourselves I can do it!
Sometimes we become apathetic,depressed, without  life energy.It is our ranging market.In that period we must be aware, that this period will pass,we are just in ranging market, and our uptrend will be continued.Our uptrend must be continued, and we must gather power and move on. That is life, full of ups and downs ,and we must overcame our obstacles and move only in direction .UP.

If you are sad, if you are depressed , if you are lost, you must know, you must be aware t that this is a passing state ,it will pass.

There is no resistance that can not be overcome if we have strong will for that. Strong will, will born strong desire, strong desire will born strong faith, and strong faith will break all resistance on your way.

You have to move in just one direction, you must have only one trend in your life and that is UPTREND, and I am sure that You Can Do It !!!



Once in a time, I have discovered that we are, humans,we are walking universe. That we create our own destiny. After that, nothing was the same !


    • Hello Janet,

      good morning, I hope you are fine and great .
      I love to motivate people, because life is beatufiul, and I believe it would not be so beautiful without obstacles in our way 🙂

      Thank you so much for your comment

      Stay blessed and positive


  1. I really like this analogy. I used to tell my children emotions are like waves, you feel them go up and down and they bring you places but you mustn’t let them drown you or people you love. Now I see these waves are like the stock market, it is easy to lose sight of the big picture in the shortsightedness of daily struggles and tedium.


    • Hello MP,

      I am glad you like it. You really teach your kids well.Everything in life comes in waves, happiness, sadness , progress… Just like in the stock market, or Forex or on any market. I think precisely for this reason, life is exciting and beautiful.You know, dominant emotions on the market are Fear and Greed. If we manage to overcome them, we can be successful.

      Fear is the dominant emotion in life,he can block us and limit us a lot. We have to win him to be great 🙂

      Thank you so much for your valuable comment

      Stay blessed and wise !


  2. You could not be MORE RIGHT Ben, ugh. Right now I feel like I am on the DOWNTREND, ha! Won’t lie to you there… If only the housing market could be on a down trend, that’d be lovely!


    • Hello Gigi,

      I am glad you like my post. I appreciate your honesty. I will tell you only one thing, it will pass. Downtrend will pass, especially in your case,because you have a too strong positive energy. Cheer up, downtrend will pass, and your uptrend will be continued. I am so sure in that !

      Thank you for your comment and You Can Do It !!!


  3. Let me try commenting through my laptop. There may be a conflict with my phone. No surprise there. Anyways …. Life really is like the Stockmarket. I am learning to face life without hiding to embrace the ride, no matter how difficult it becomes. There are lessons to be learned in all phases of life, especially the low ones. Great post, Ben, and I thank you for it. Oh yes I Can Do It and in fact, AM doing it!! ☺️
    Amy recently posted…The Philippines 2014 (15 IMAGES)My Profile


    • Hello Amy,

      I admire your persistence. That is one wonderful comment. Indeed, life gives us lessons, and in that period we are in the consolidation. We must be strong enough to break the resistance and to continue the uptrend. We do not need to look at the market in terms of trends, because in life we should have only one trend, and that is UP.

      I am glad you know that big truth that You Can Do It !!!

      Thank you so much for your comment and stay blessed, positive and persistence !


  4. I agree that we need strong will and faith to live an uptrend life. 😃 We can always choose to think, feel and do things that make us happy, kind, healthy, peaceful, successful and abundant. There will be not so good days but these are more opportunities to stay strong willed and filled with good faith that as long as we take actions towards our life goals, we will receive our desires.
    Nina recently posted…How Theta Healing gave me Lasting HappinessMy Profile


    • Hello Nina,

      it is always a pleasure to read your comment.
      Yes, you said on the great way and I agree. The choice.So magical word, with a deep meaning.I think sometimes people forget the meaning of this word. Our life is under our control.And as Paulo Coelho said “What’s the world’s greatest lie?… It’s this: that at a certain point in our lives, we lose control of what’s happening to us, and our lives become controlled by fate.”

      We must always choose Uptrend in life. That is the only right direction !

      Thank you so much for your comment !


  5. Nicely tailored Ben. Indeed if we truly intend to be relevant and stay on top of our game in our ever competitive world, then we’ve got to invest like a bull, sit like a bear and watch like an eagle. Great post Ben.
    Whitney ibe recently posted…Talk Back…My Profile


    • Hello Whitney,

      invest like a bull, sit like a bear and watch like an eagle“.I will remember this Whitney,this is great quote.

      Thank you so much for your valuable comment

      Stay blessed and wise as always


  6. The stock market is a great metaphor for life’s ups and downs. I like this post so much because it tells me to hold onto my faith to see me through the tough times (and elevate the good moments even more) <3


    • Hi Christy,

      I believe that everything in life is full of ups and downs. Just like yin and yang , “dark-bright”, “negative-positive”. This philosophy can be applied on life, on success, on failure. It is impossibly to make success in life without failure.So, in hard times, we must be aware . It will pass 🙂

      Thank you so much for your comment


  7. Ben Today I am on the Desk Top and you came at the right time on my blog and put your like.
    So many times on my phone I tried to comment it did not get posted and even I could not put my like.
    Your is asking me for my Name, Email and website even now.
    That is the reason I have not been visiting you.


    • Hello Shiva,

      yes I know for that my friend. I believe that you can commenting now through wp reader. Anyway thank you for your intention, and your comment is always welcome on my blog, no matter how hard you wrote it !


  8. one sure thing we must know in our life trend is we humans have the advantage if we use Gods great gift to us:
    { the absolute bran }.

    great view to life Ben, thank you.


    • Hello Mo,

      thank you for your wise comment.With faith everything is different and easier.
      With faith we can achieve everything we want 🙂

      I believe in that deeply

      God bless you and stay in faith


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