Miracles are happening



“Miracles always happen in harmony with nature, but not with our understanding of nature”

Thomas Aquinas  !

I like true stories. Because they reminds me that miracles are happening here and now, to people from our age, from our family, to our friends. We people, we  are prone to negate  all miracles around us,to close our eyes in front of them. Because we do not believe in miracles.

But believe it or not it they are happening,every day everywhere, and they are in harmony with nature.

So far I have told two true stories told on my blog.This is the third.Very true story.

Unfortunately, in our world there are many diseases.Some are less dangerous, some more, some are dangerous for life.We all suffer from certain diseases.High pressure, low pressure,allergy, bronchitis, arthritis etc…This is normal

They say do not exist  healthy people, exist only unviewed from the doctor !

One of the disease is a disease of blood vessels which is hit a very good man named Bronco in his best ages.She sneaks to him slowly and punch him when he least expected. Because of she he is lost her right foot and became an invalid for life.

He was lying in a hospital on the edge of life and death.And he choose life.Because of his optimistic spirit, the disease is withdrew…for a while….Twenty years a disease was still, because he was peaceful in his soul.

But than, he was decide to move on, and to build a house.For that it was necessary permits from the municipality.He handed his application and waited, and waited and waited…six months…then another six months…He went several times to try to speed things up, but he is failed.He was desperate.

And guess who is visited him then,after 20 years. Disease.

The right foot was not receiving enough blood and therefore no oxygen.Gangrene occurred,for which he have had in the hospital,for surgery.He was desperate, dejected, and the worst without hope.

His son has decided to start to building the house no matter what,  without waiting for permission.He ordered a material for construction, brought masters workers, and construction  is began.

He was informed about that his father in the hospital. That moment the  disease symptoms are disappeared.On the same day he was discharged from hospital when doctors are determined that there is no need for surgery.

The disease is withdrawn suddenly, and it never came forward again.

It is scientifically proven that is only 5% of disease inherited from ancestors.Other 95% is  the result of our thoughts and our environment.

We are the creators of our destiny, our illness and our health.We are holding the keys of our health in our hands. Use them carefully.

You can see from the story above how powerful our thoughts are. You can see that from this true story, the story about my father !

Use your thoughts wisely and do not forget You Can Do It !!!


Once in a time, I have discovered that we are, humans,we are walking universe. That we create our own destiny. After that, nothing was the same !


    • Thank you my friend.It is so true, that we can do everything we want.
      I will wrote about that again and again and again, and if if I help only one reader to realize their dreams, I will be more than happy


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