New Year=New Goal

New Year=New Goal,because it  is a good time for new goals !

We have every New Year the opportunity to look at our life, in earlier period, from time distance. We have that opportunity every day, but due to everyday obligations, we don’t have too much time for that. But know, at the end of the  year , we have that great opportunity.

New Year is a  great  time  to  realize  that  life  is  transient , and that we are older for one year since the previous New Year . We are not the same in  physical terms too.  We have  a whole new body in the cells sense.
New skin, new hair, new lungs.Supermen, is really your middle name. Ask yourself here, have you done anything to help your body to build new healthy cells? If your answer is negative, maybe this could be your new goal for next year.

We should ask ourselves couple serious questions,and we must be honest with answers.

Have I had goals this year ?


No  matter what the goals were. To lose weight, to stop smoking, to stop drinking, to find another job,to buy a cat. Or, the much bigger goals, to  move in the direction of your dream.What is really important is to have them.

Have I achieved them?

Please here, be honest. If you did not accomplished them, what was the reason for that.Vis maior ( Force Majeuro) could be the reason,but in most cases we are the main reason for that.I like to blame only myself for all things I did or not.

Did I do everything in my power to make them happen?

Sometimes, some things are above your power, and you can’t not influence them .Maybe you think you did everything in your power to make them happen, but in fact, maybe you  are not ready for your goal . You must have strong faith, that your goal  belongs to you. You must be in the same line, in the same frequency with your goal.

I am telling you this, not to  provoke a feeling of guilt in you.

 I’m telling you this not to repeat the same mistake next year.

Now you are ready for new goal(s). We lawyers like to say “Paper endures all” .Write down your goal(s).

Every goal is much stronger on paper.Small, big, funny, no matter what kind of goal,it has a much bigger power on paper. It is very important to have a faith in your goal. This paper, with your goal should set on same visible place in your home, to remind you of your promise, to remind you that time passes and you must act. Act now.

Now, you are ready for  celebration. Now you are ready for New Year. I wish you the best in  New Year, a lot of happy moments, a lot of healthy moments, a lot of love, but the most I want you to be aware that your life is and it will be in your hands always.

Use your great power, make your dreams come true, Happy New Year, and don’t forget You Can Do It !!!



Once in a time, I have discovered that we are, humans,we are walking universe. That we create our own destiny. After that, nothing was the same !


  1. Thanks Ben for motivational post.
    In my view if I am using 100% of my capicity then I shall never be worried about the end result. Isn’t it?


    • Hello Krishna,

      you are so welcome.
      You are very enlightened man, and you do not have to be worried about your health,also about your future.
      We are so powerful beings, and our brain is very powerful.The brain is too powerful to be out of our control.
      Happiness, misfortune, health, illness, money, everything is in our head.Everything depends on us .

      Happy holidays, and stay positive


  2. Such a positive and inspiring post. This was a great reminder of goals and a timely share as we approach the New Year. Thanks always, Ben, for being a motivating force on WP. Wishing you a wonderful and successful 2018. Cheers! 🙂


    • Hello,

      thank you so much. New Year is a great day, but not only for celebration.Great reminder on our success/failure in the previous period.
      Thank you so much for great wishes.Thank you so much for your support.I will do my best to motivate people in the next year.

      Happy New Year, and best wishes !


  3. Hi Ben
    Happy New Year… beautiful to welcome the new year with.
    Lots of love and hugs


    • Hello Jay,

      Happy New Year.I wish you the best in next year.
      Let your goals be big,because you will achieve at least half of them on this way 🙂

      Stay blessed and thank you so much for your comment


  4. I love the way you write with passion and belief in the power within us all. I agree. And thanks to you, instead of keeping my goals within me, I’ll write them down too! The BEST to you in the new year.
    Pamela recently posted…A Bookish Answer to LifeMy Profile


    • Hi Pamela,

      I love your comments,they are always so supportable.Thank you so much for your great wishes, and for your kind comment.

      Happy New Year, to you and to your family.

      Stay the same with new goal !


  5. happy new year dear Ben, and may we all accomplish our goals for the new year.
    I am already breaking throw, and hope for you the same.


    • Hello Mo,

      New Year belongs to the bravest.Just like new age, just like future.
      In some period of our life we should ask ourselves, our we on the right track .New year is good time for that

      Happy New Year to you and to your family .Best wishes.but first of all. Peace and Love !


    • Hello Tiffany,

      thank you so much.It is wonderful to hear that from you.You are also wonderful person, so supportable and kind always.In life you get what you give, right.

      Happy New Year, and wish you the best.Stay blessed


  6. My husband is having the habit of writing all his works in paper and he always insist me to do so, now I learned how important it is. I will surely start that habit from today.
    subbashini recently posted…Moon IslandMy Profile


    • Hello Subbashini,

      your husband is very smart man.It is very important to do that,because when you convince your subconscious that your goal is real,you can say that you are on the half path. Read your goal every day with faith, have a strong faith that you will do it , and I am sure that You Will Do It…

      Happy New Year to you and to your family.

      Best wishes

      Stay wise


    • Hello Angelilie,

      thank you so much for your wishes. It’s always nice to receive positive energy like yours.
      Stay blessed, stay positive and stay brave like in this year.

      Best wishes


    • Hello Sheila,

      welcome to my blog. I am glad you like my article.We all need motive sometimes, and especially during the holiday season when it’s time to draw a line and decide how we want our life to look like in the future.

      Happy New Year and thank you for your comment !


    • Hello Moushmi,

      thank you so much for your kind wish.I wish you the best in this year.Stay the same,great like always.

      Thank you


    • Hello Vero and little friend Canito,

      I am always happy when I see your comment Vero,because with you comes a lot of good energy on my blog.
      I spent the holidays great.I celebrate Christmas according to the Julian calendar, which is January 7th, so I will celebrate Christmas this Sunday. Thank you so much for your kind wishes.

      Stay the same in this year. Great as always


      • Hello Ben,
        Thank you very much. I am finally back home. And how nice. So your Christmas is about to come! Enjoy that great time with your family 🙂 Do you have any specific plans? 🙂
        The same for you!


        • Hello Vero,

          welcome home. The bet place on Earth 🙂
          Yes, I will spend my Christmas with my family, at my home. My plans are to be with my family, to hang with my friends, to think about nothing and to have big smile on my face.

          Enjoy in your family with your little Canito


    • Hello Radhika,

      I hope you are fine. According to your goals, your are great. You know what you want and that is very important for your goal.
      I am sure you will make it because I know You Can Do it !!!


  7. Ben you just got me to get my goal out of my mind and on the paper. I must say “Thank you” for this inspiring post. I agree putting it on paper and where you can see it everyday, helps. We had done this last year when me and my team decided on some fitness goals and it worked because it was there right in our face reminding us everyday. Wishing you a wonderful new year.😊


    • Hi Smitha,

      I must say that I love that word “Thank you”. She always carries so much positive energy.You are welcome 🙂
      From my to paper.That is great path for every goal if we want to achieve it.Your fitness goal is great example how we should treat our goals.

      Thank you so much for your kind words and wishes.

      I wish the best in this year.Sta blessed !


  8. “New Year is a great time to realize that life is transient”

    Your words scream!


  9. Hey Ben! Happy New Year!

    I must say that your words and advice scream! Thank you for sharing this article with us! And for writing this article for people like us! We need someone like you for motivation when our souls just vanished, if that makes sense. But, what I’m trying to say is that your words just scream! I love it! I love each one and they all speak volume!

    “New Year is a great time to realize that life is transient”


    • Hello Oristel,

      I hope you are fine.It seems that you have an open mind to receive a message from my article.
      They say, when you are ready, universe is ready for you,right 🙂

      For people like you, and for comments like yours, my whole site have sense,my entire work has a higher value for me.

      Thank you so much for your valuable comment. I wish you the best in this year.

      Use your potential to achieve your dreams, because you have a great energy. Great power is in you!

      Stay blessed and best wishes my friend !


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