Rule Number 6

By doing  a single  job I came into office where  I saw a big wall paper with couple rules for self care. It was 10 rules arranged in this order:

  1. Be yourself
  2. Meditate
  3. Sing often
  4. Walk often
  5. Be persistent
  6. Never give up on your dreams
  7. Love yourself
  8. Be kind
  9. Smile a lot
  10. Dreams a lot

In that office is worked a guy, in middle age.I said to him :

Number  6 is my favorite. He look at me and ask:

How old are you ?

I said, it is not important my friend how old I am. It is important rule number 6.

And he is continued, I am 50 years old. It is to late for my dreams.I have a dream,once, to be an architect, to have a nice, clean office, to arrange  towns, houses, apartments.But now, I am to old for that.I’m stuck here.

Ok. What do you think how old is Donald Trump.He is seventy years old I said.In his seventies, he has set a new goal, to be a president of the United States of America. I know some people who are in his eighties, but they are always ready for new challenges, for new goals.On the other hand I know guys in early twenties who have no ambition,no goals, nothing.They are empty.Tabula Rasa (empthy table,lat). If you ask me they are death already.

Tell me my friend who is according to you young, live and who have a spirit ?

-He was ashamed of my questions…

People  easily give up on their dreams.Sad but true…

Indeed my friends, you are live as long as you set to yourself goals.No matter how old are you, if you have young spirit you will be young forever .And you will have a young spirit if you have a clear goal always. When you achieve one goal, you need to set a new one.

Gene Hetherington is a great example for that .She is graduated from the University of Manchester with 90 year. That is the spirit my friends.This is life worth of living.Can you imagine how her spirit is young,and with that she is young. Congratulations Gene.

Never say for yourself that you are old for something. You’re  old if your spirit is old.You are young if your spirit is young.And your spirit is pure energy, and energy never gets old.Energy never dies,she just change forms .I like to play video games.It relaxes me. It is only for kids right.I don’t care.It is for me too because I like it. Please do what you want to do, and forget is it for you or not.

Are you old for that (who says).

Number 6 should be on the first place,and you will have a great and young life.Always.

You Can Do It !



Once in a time, I have discovered that we are, humans,we are walking universe. That we create our own destiny. After that, nothing was the same !


  1. this is a pure topic from a pure man, love you Ben.

    note: I also like to play video games 🙂 so that make two of us here 🙂


    • Hey my friend.
      Thank you for your every day support.
      You are the best.Maybe we will play online sometimes 🙂


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