Sometimes it is hard ,but you have to move forward!

I listened to a story about a guy who gave up of his life . His last words was “I have no strength to go on“.He was only 25  years old.So young and already gave up. It’s not a lonely case.   I’m always sad when I hear that.

Life is like climbing on mountain, on whose top you never need to climb,because  from the top, the path leads down. You’ll have a lot of crises,many destinations where your air will disappear.But in that moments you must move on.You will not get all  battles,but you will get the war,and that is the most important thing !

Sometimes  you will come across a wall. Sometimes sometimes you’ll be frightened. Sometimes you  will think that you have no strength.Do not let this discourage you.This is normal,you are just a human being. 

You must know that there is no mountain that is easy to climb,because the mountain is just a hill, and for every hill you need a lot of effort . For every success in life you need a lot of energy,and a lot of  courage.But you need a lot of courage to give up.That is not an easy task  too.

Giving up is unique for  human beings only.Animals never give up. I’ve never heard of a cat that got tired of hunting and who therefore gave up,but I heard about many people who gave up.

You are not alone in your road.First of all you are your bigger support.You are  a conscious being, and you must be aware of that.You are your biggest friend and your biggest enemy .You have to be aware of that .

In this road will find obstacles.Sometimes you will think that it is impossible to overcome them.They will look too big for you,but in fact they are not. 

Biggest obstacle is the one in your head.Your own obstacles,your fear of failure.Then, be brave enough to ask for help.I will be here always to support you, to tell you that you can do it ! To  help you to climb over the wall,because I really believe in you and in your path too, and I am sure that You Can Do It !!! 



Once in a time, I have discovered that we are, humans,we are walking universe.
That we create our own destiny. After that, nothing was the same !


        • Hello,

          that is very good from you.It’s human to confess your mistakes.
          Mistakes are here to teach us how to be better persons.Kids are gift for us.
          I’m happy because you found your way of happiness. That is the only right path.All others are wrong .

          Say hello to your great son,and God bless you both.

          Thank you so much for your comment !


      • I will check it definitely 🙂 My whole life I read a lot, that is my daily habit.
        I’ve read a lot of good works from great authors,and they certainly influenced my way of thinking and expressing. Thank you for your observation


        • I just did ,

          yes it is very similar.You think on my post “We are not machines”.It was created as a result of my correspondence with my friend about modern age and our observation is very similar 🙂 Everything is true in booth articles and indeed we are not machines 🙂 Also one of the ideas for writing text was the famous sentence of mother Teresa “I will not come to protest against the war, when you organize protests for peace, then call me

          Thank you for your time


    • Hey hello,

      we have a great power in us.We can change the world, but first we must change ourselves.
      And one way is to promise ourselves that we will never give up.

      Thank you so much for your comment 🙂
      Stay blessed


  1. Hi Ben,
    My favourite line..
    Giving up is unique for human being.. Animals dont give!!! I too don’t give up. Lovely inspirational post… I know WE CAN DO IT!!!
    Lots of Love,


    • Hi Jay,

      you underlined the line under the right sentence 🙂
      Yes, it is something which belongs exclusively to us.Can you imagine wolf who says “I am tired from hunt,I am giving up“.And I am sure that you will never give up,because You Can Do It !!!

      Thank you for your time and great comment


    • Hello Evir,

      you are so welcome.
      Simplicity is my middle name.I like simplicity in my life,and you can find that characteristic in my every deed 🙂

      Thank you so much for your time

      Stay positive


    • Hi Subbashini,

      is not it!? Our life should always go uphill,because from the there is always one way. Down .

      Thank you so much for your comment


  2. giving up is a big trap that get the elderly and the young ones too as you sad; it takes big time from there live to wake up, and whats worth it makes some of them commit suicide.

    very good subject dear Ben, and bless you.


    • Hello Mo,

      that is so correct.In hard times giving up is the only solutions for some people,or it is better to say the easiest solution.But if you asking me that is not solution at all.That is not our road.That is devil’s road , and we must not go there.

      Thank you my friend for you valuable comment


    • Hi Ipuna,

      thank you so much for your time and for wonderful comment .
      You are always such a big support to me 🙂


    • Hello Jainey,

      I agree with you. It is frightening ,but we can and we must to overcome our fears and move forward. That is the only right way.

      Thank you so much for your comment


  3. What doesn’t kill you makes you stronger I guess, sometimes you just need to change one thing to spin the wheel of fortune and set yourself off on a new path.
    Great post as usual my friend.
    Nigel P Smith recently posted…A Poem LostMy Profile


    • Hi Nigel,

      yes, that is so true.We become stronger after each defeat.These are all life lessons,if our mind is open enough to accept them!

      Thank you my friend for your valuable comment


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