Stop lying yourself !!!


How many times you are delayed your job for tomorrow !?

Sound familiar :

I will do that tomorrow.I must start with diet, but I will do that tomorrow,or in monday, or since the first of the next month .

I should train, but I am so tired, I will do that tomorrow, I should run but I am so tired,I should be laughing but how, I am so busy, I am so tired, I am so unhappy, I am so…

I am asking you what if there is no tomorrow ?

I have a dream, but I can not realize them because I have a family, and they disturb me on my road.

I should change my job, I hate my job, but what then !? What I can not find any other job.

I want to be singer, but how when already have enough singers in the world .

I want to be an actor, but how when already have enough actors in the world .

STOP !!!

Stop lying yourself .Don’t be your worst enemy.You have them enough believe me.The biggest lie in the hole world is that you can not make your dreams come true.

Do not look for excuses because you will find them.

Success is not looking for an excuse, and failure does not tolerate pronunciations .

You can always find a lot of reasons not to do something, but you need only one reason to do it.

But first you must know what do you want.What you really want.

Have you ever ask yourself what do you really  want.

Please do it, but be honest. What is exactly that what you want. But be careful, you must have concrete answer.If you want to be happy, than ask yourself what is that which make you happy.



It would be hard to define what is that but you must be patience. Then ask yourself do you have already that, maybe you are happy but you are not even aware of that.

But if you are ready and honest with yourself, you will find your answer sooner than later.

Ask yourself how you can help yourself to be happy, to have or to do that particular thing which make you happy. Than DO IT. It is so simple. DO IIIIIIIIIITTTTTTTT.PLEASE !!!

You will see, it would be hard to define but you will make it finaly.

If you want to have something take it.

If you want to do something do it.

Acta,non verbaActs not words .DO IT.

Set your goal at the top of the mountain,  and so you’ll get at least to half.

Please, make it reall,don’t  lie anymore, do not listen what other people have to tell you about you and your dreams.Do it now, not tomorow,because YOU CAN DO IT!


stey tuned…


Once in a time, I have discovered that we are, humans,we are walking universe.
That we create our own destiny. After that, nothing was the same !


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