When I was a child, I loved to watch movies about Superman.He was so strong, so fast.But then I have realized that each of us is Superman !

You are Superman, because you have a super powers !

In one farm, far from the city was lived a father with two daughters.  They cultivated the land, engaged in agriculture.His daughters was helped him to take care about his big farm. They have a lot of animals, horses, sheep, cows. They were very happy and his father was proud of them.

One day father was driving the tractor on the meadow and he  hit a hole in the meadow and the tractor has turned over on him.Heavy machinery was pressed him, and his was helpless.

When his younger daughter, who was then 12 years old saw that, she came running to father and  in desperation, she picked  the tractor weighs over 1 tonne and she released him.

He was impressed.

So, if you want from me to show you the Superman, I will tell you, please look at the mirror.

How is that possible? From where  she gathered such strength? In that moment she had become more energy and less matter.In that moment she had  believed that she can do it, and she did it.In that moment she used the inner power to free his father, her energy.

You know that one of the most powerful weapons in world is atomic bomb. Energy for it comes from the atom .From atom!!!???Can you imagine how is that powerful.Can you see the atom with your eyes ? No you can not.You must take strong microscope to see him.

You, me, we  all  have  in  our  bodies about  7,000,000,000,000,000,000,000,000,000 atoms. Yes you read it correctly.

Each atom has a huge amounts of energy. Each atom is basically empty.It is made only from energy. All you need to do is to point that energy in your favorite direction.You must be aware that it is possible.Work on yourself, meditate, try to control your body, but the most important thing is try control your mind,your subconscious and with that your life.

You must know, you are the most powerful being in universe. You have in your body about 60 chemical elements just like stars,just like universe.

Miracle are always happen in harmony with nature but not with our understanding of nature.

So my friends, tell me are you Superman ?

Wake up the sleeping giant inside of you because You Can Do It !!


Once in a time, I have discovered that we are, humans,we are walking universe. That we create our own destiny. After that, nothing was the same !


  1. Excelent article Ben , is true we have a enormeus power inside us , thanks for remain us !
    See you !
    Att C


  2. I had already read somewhere about this strange phenomenon. It’s really amazing what we’re capable of doing when we are put to the limit.
    We must believe more in ourselves! We are able to do incredible things!


    • Thank you Superman 🙂
      It is so true. We are powerful ,under some specific circumstances.
      The main question is how to use that power on regular basis ?


  3. Who doesn’t love Superman/Superwoman??? Heck yeah, I’m Superwoman, especially after reading your post! Love it, Ben! So glad to have you part of our private group too. I love your energy! Lucky to have more of it! 💪


    • Hi Superwoman,

      Super power is in us.For example the biggest molecule in nature is in us “Chromosome 1”, and in his is about 10 billion atoms.
      I am glad also to be a part of your group to share and to receive positive energy.

      Thank you so much


    • Ipuna,

      Life is a journey along the river,if you not rowing, water currents will take you back down.
      Just like in life, if you don’t learn something new every day you going back .

      Thank you


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