Free Things

The best things in the world are free.Free things are around us, and the main question is “Do you notice them?”

In  this  material  world we  all  strive to have as much material goods as possible.To have a nice car, nice house,  to dress nicely.The capitalist world imposes us forms dressing,looks, behavior. I’m a lawyer, but I do not like norms.I do not like when society forces me to work and to think like others. To have a valuable watch to have  a greater value as a human being . Unfortunately, we live in the consumer world, where everything is measured by money.

But you must know, the most important things in the world are free, the most beautiful things in the world are free, and I will list them below to remind you to use them…a lot!


Hug is so important for children. A 20 second hug can help your child grow smarter, healthier, happier, more resilient and closer to the parent. Psychologists have found that oxytocin  (hormone of love and happiness) is released in both women and men during embrace. Consequently, the embrace reduces cortisol (stress hormone).


Wow. This is one wonderful emotion, and guess what. It is free. This emotion has a very high frequency. Love is of course one of the strongest emotions on Earth.With frequency of 500 Hz love can heal your body, with good vibration. I’m not just thinking about love between loving couples here. I mean in love in every sense. Love is all around us. Love for a friend, love for parents, love for kids, love for marital companion….


We are social beings, and we need friends to feel good and fulfilled. Friends give us hope.A true friend helps us in difficult situations in life and with that reduce stress levels.A good friend is good for our health.

“The greatest gift of life is friendship, and I have received it.” Hubert H. Humphrey


Believe it or not, you can dream for free! I believe that dream is the most important part of our humanity. All great things around us  are born in someone’s imagination first. All things, the chair we sit on, bed on which we sleep,TV, home, car, wheel.The list is huge. Dream free.


I was always a believer,because we are too complex creatures to be the result of chance.But now  I think that never before had religion and science been so close. We know now how big impact has our faith on our body . We know now how we can beat cancer, or any  other illness with faith in  healing. We know now how we can create new cells, healthy cells with our thoughts. Also we know that we are a pure energy, and we are connected with energy around us.

That’s what religion  propagated. Believe to achieve !

So dear friends,we forgot that the most important things are free, but they are free, and you should enjoy in them because You Can Do It !!!

Life Through The Rearview Mirror

Life Through The Rearview Mirror is hard,
because it’s very difficult to look back and move forward!

Have  you  ever  tried  to  drive  a  car  and move forward  looking at the rear view mirror ?  It is mission impossible. You will cause a traffic accident and you will not come anywhere with such a ride. Yes, we have   mirrors on our cars but only to look at them occasionally, not always.

Now look at your life. I like to say that I am psychic, because I can predict your future, but first I must know your past, because we are creatures of habit  and our whole life is in most cases the same. Our yesterday is the same like our tomorrow.  If you  do not believe me, look at your day. You rise to the same side of the bed every day at the same time, you perform the same rituals after getting up, you are going to the  school or at the work , you meet with the same people, talking about the same stories, which create in you the same emotions.

But what is tragic, your thoughts are the same as yesterday, like day before yesterday .From about 60.000 thoughts in one day, 99,99% are the same like yesterday ,and in 80 % of them you are thinking about your past, you’re thinking about two things:
– things you did not do, and you should (
missed opportunities);
things that you did and you should not (bad decisions).

80% of your time you live by looking in the rearview mirror ! It is impossible to move forward-looking at the rearview mirror. It is impossible to make progress in life   with same thoughts like yesterday. With same thoughts like every day.

We cannot solve our problems with the same thinking we used when we created them.
                                                                                                                          Albert Einstein

Change your thoughts !

You must look forward to move forward. You can’t change your future without changing your way of thinking. It’s simply not possible. With same thoughts your future will be the same like your past.If you want to beat some bad disease like cancer, you have to change the way of thinking which caused the disease.It is hard but you must !

You must be aware that everything starts in your head,your future, your health, your mental state. You are born for great deeds, but first your must start to believe in great deeds,you should be in the same line with your dream.At the same frequency with your dream.

Analyze your life here, are you satisfied in every aspect, or are you satisfied in any aspect!? Be honest with yourself. If you want to change something, you must first change your thoughts, and with this small change your whole life will change .


Look forward because your present and your future are there, your past is behind you, and you can’t change her, but your future you can because you have that power and I know, You Can Do It !!!


When I Get Old

When I get old, I want to have behind me, years filled with life!

When I get old, I want to have a peace in my soul,but  not because peace comes with age, but because I’m sure that I used my opportunities in the best possible way.

When I get old, I want to have a smile on my face, but not because I am wise and enlightened, but because  I have overcome all my fears in life.

When I get old, I want to have hope in my heart, but not because I was  good in my life, and I am expecting an award for that, but because I am sure that I am pure energy, and energy never dies.

When I get old, I want to be happy with my family , but not because I have my kids, I have my descendants, but  because I learned them how to live their life with full potential.

When I get old, I want to excited. But not because I am at the end of my road, and I am not sure what is behind the scene. But because I want to live with full lungs my whole time on Earth.My every minute. My last second.

When I get old I want to be serene, but not because  I’m tired of life,but because I  do not regret for missed opportunities in life.

When I get old, I want to speak less. But not because I’m tired of talking, but because I want to my word have a deep meaning for the listener which can help him/her to think about his/her life.

When I get old, I want to be thankful, to God, to Universe, To Heaven, because they gave me this great opportunity calling  life. They gave me the biggest weapon in Universe, my brain. They gave me free will to do with my life what I think that is the best for me.

When I get old, I want to be old,but not because I am just old and I can not be young again ,but because  I am aware of the transience of life. I spent my whole life ripening to get to this stage. I want to enjoy in every moment , in every breath of my maturity .
When I get old, I want to have just enough power to tell you one more time, that You Can Do It !!!

New Year=New Goal

New Year=New Goal,because it  is a good time for new goals !

We have every New Year the opportunity to look at our life, in earlier period, from time distance. We have that opportunity every day, but due to everyday obligations, we don’t have too much time for that. But know, at the end of the  year , we have that great opportunity.

New Year is a  great  time  to  realize  that  life  is  transient , and that we are older for one year since the previous New Year . We are not the same in  physical terms too.  We have  a whole new body in the cells sense.
New skin, new hair, new lungs.Supermen, is really your middle name. Ask yourself here, have you done anything to help your body to build new healthy cells? If your answer is negative, maybe this could be your new goal for next year.

We should ask ourselves couple serious questions,and we must be honest with answers.

Have I had goals this year ?


No  matter what the goals were. To lose weight, to stop smoking, to stop drinking, to find another job,to buy a cat. Or, the much bigger goals, to  move in the direction of your dream.What is really important is to have them.

Have I achieved them?

Please here, be honest. If you did not accomplished them, what was the reason for that.Vis maior ( Force Majeuro) could be the reason,but in most cases we are the main reason for that.I like to blame only myself for all things I did or not.

Did I do everything in my power to make them happen?

Sometimes, some things are above your power, and you can’t not influence them .Maybe you think you did everything in your power to make them happen, but in fact, maybe you  are not ready for your goal . You must have strong faith, that your goal  belongs to you. You must be in the same line, in the same frequency with your goal.

I am telling you this, not to  provoke a feeling of guilt in you.

 I’m telling you this not to repeat the same mistake next year.

Now you are ready for new goal(s). We lawyers like to say “Paper endures all” .Write down your goal(s).

Every goal is much stronger on paper.Small, big, funny, no matter what kind of goal,it has a much bigger power on paper. It is very important to have a faith in your goal. This paper, with your goal should set on same visible place in your home, to remind you of your promise, to remind you that time passes and you must act. Act now.

Now, you are ready for  celebration. Now you are ready for New Year. I wish you the best in  New Year, a lot of happy moments, a lot of healthy moments, a lot of love, but the most I want you to be aware that your life is and it will be in your hands always.

Use your great power, make your dreams come true, Happy New Year, and don’t forget You Can Do It !!!


The Risk Of Doing Nothing

The risk of doing nothing is the greatest risk you can take in your life!

Once in a kingdom lived a  peasant who lived very hard. He was engaged in farming, and he lived very poorly. The earth was stingy, the earth was dry,it has not rained for years. He had almost  nothing to eat.There was a sea near his house,and his king told himIn this sea you can hunt fish,because there are plenty of fish here,but if you  catch the black fish I’ll cut your head off“.

And he was scared . Scared and hungry . Whether to try to catch fish,or not.Hamlet’s dilemma. To eat or not. He had a fear of death. The fear of death was so strong that he was much stronger than starvation.He chose never to try. “It’s better to have a sparrow in a hand,than a pigeon on a branch“, he thought.

He never tried to catch a fish, all his life, because of the fear that he will catch the very black fish.

The biggest risk in life

As you can see from the story above, people have a greater fear of failure than a wish to succeed.They are ready  to  live  the  whole  life  on  the same way,  in the way they learned them, instead of trying to change things.They have a fear that they will catch “the black fish”, and died,but they are not aware that they are already death without their dreams.Because, what is life without dreams ? Is it worth it to be lived ? Maybe it is , if you are an animal.But if you are human being, you must have dreams.And you have to give your best to make them real.

If you asking me what is the biggest risk in life. I will tell you this, it is the risk of doing nothing.You are raised on one way, according to one pattern which is roughly similar in all countries “finish school, find a decent job, work 8,9,10 hours per day, pay your taxes, get retired on time, and that is all what you need to do.”

But what about our dreams ? In that whole programmed life, when are we going to have time for our dreams. 

When you’re ready to lose your life,only then you begin to live. Also,  when  you’re  ready to lose your current way of life,  you  can  be  sure  that  you  are  ready  for  your dreams,because  you will be free from fear.

Do not hesitate to try to make your dreams come true,even if you risk to fail,even if you risk to catch black fish,believe me, that risk is worth. Prove yourself that you  think with your own head.That you are not average, that you are great. Defeat your fear because You Can Do It !!!

Are You Leonardo Da Vinci

In this world everything is connected via atoms. Vision, Déjà vu,Prophecy, are they real!? Yes they are. Are you Leonardo da Vinci, is the question in which I will try to answer in this post.

We live in material world.In the world where money is a moral unit .If you have money, you have the power, and with power you have influence.Gold has value, just like silver.Everything has a certain value because it was given by a man. In fact  they are just metals,  with a certain chemical composition.

To live we must breathe. In one breath we take a breather of about 25 billion of  billion atoms.It is this number We take a breathe in, and get them back in the air.We breathe about 16 times per minute. This is true for all people in the world who live and have lived ever in our great planet.

One of them is true genius Leonardo da Vinci.He is for sure among the most influential people in history, great artist, great scientist.His works today are causing admiration around the world. He was dealing with anatomy, with painting, with military defense and in all areas he was successful. When  you look at his picture “Mona Lisa” you will agree with me that it acts very mysterious.How important this picture is you can see from the fact that she has her own room in the Louvre Museum in Paris.

Did  you know  that  his  picture “The last super”  is  also a musical score!?  According to Italian musician Giovanni  Maria  Pala,  da  Vinci incorporated musical notes in “The Last Supper.”  In 2007, Pala created a 40-second melody from the notes that were allegedly hidden in the scene.

And this great genius and expert also breathed in his 67 year-long life. Just like you, and just like me .He breathed and exhaled billions of atoms every minute. 16 times in minute, 960 times in hour , calculate further by yourself.

The atoms he inhaled he returned to the atmosphere each minute,and believe it or not they are still here. In this air, below this blue sky. Atom is energy, and energy never dies.Also atom is information. And we are  made up of atoms.

So the main question here is :

Are You Leonardo Da Vinci !?

Since we all breathe in every breath about 100 million atoms, atoms that were in Leonard’s lungs, yes you are. Atoms were on Earth before us and they will be after us.We are made up of atoms, of atoms which  vibrate at a certain frequency.


So , the answer is YES . Use your immense potential, use that knowledge which Leonardo possessed and which is still here with us, in the air and in your lungs.You are a divine being just like Leonardo, and please use this knowledge, use that power in you, to meet your dreams because if he could, I am sure that You Can Do It !!!


                                        The greater the obstacle(s), the more glory in overcoming it!

Once lived one man on the island.He was engaged in cattle breeding.He had  sheep, cows, horses.Then he decide  to sell everything he had and to move into the city, to  become a photographer,because he loved to watch pictures in the newspapers.

And he sold everything and became a photographer.Just like that, he bought a camera and found a job in local newspapers.And he worked every day without any problems.Then he decided to become an actor.He applied for an audition for a new film and he got the main role.He became a famous actor.

Then, he decided to marry and have a family.He found a woman of his dreams and they got married.He bought the house of his dreams. Then he decided to become a famous singer.He went to the studio and recorded a couple of songs and became famous all around the world.

He became unhappy with his life and with successes  and none of them he did not appreciate enough.He started drinking and like everything in life he was the best in that too.

What was missing to the main character of my story ?

Obstacles. Everything went smoothly in his life.Most people who win a lottery spend all the money and  back to the start.Why. Because they do not appreciate them enough because they came to them easily.

Story above is not real, because we need obstacle(s) on our way in order to achieve success and evolve.

Obstacles are your road sign that you are on the right road. Without them you would be lost.Without them you would not appreciate enough your success. Without them you  can not make success!

PER ASPER AD ASTRA-through hardships to the stars!

Whatever you do in life, you will meet obstacles.You will find them on your way , you can be sure,but you must prepare your brain for them. No matter how good you are, or you think you are, you will find obstacle (s) on your way.You have here two choices :
– to let them to discourage you;
– to overcome them.

First, you must defeat  your biggest obstacle. Your mind .Your mind could be your biggest friend or  your worst enemy.The biggest obstacle is in your head.When you  overpower that obstacle, all others will be a piece of cake for you.

Do yo think that you have to be beautiful to be a famous actor ?You’re wrong! Just look at the Sylvester Stallone. Because of birth trauma, the lower left side of his face is paralyzed, just like his mouth,they are slightly crooked and his tongue is partly paralyzed.But his brain was not his biggest obstacle!

Or Madeline Stuart who was born with Down Syndrome but she had a one dream . To become a model!? And she did it.She recently appeared as a model on the New York Fashion Week.

Or the great Abraham Lincoln .Failure after failure,mother’s death, job failure,dismissal at work,he faced bankruptcy.But he became one of the greatest presidents of USA of all time.

From defeat to defeat to the final victory!

Not to mention  J.K. Rowling,author of Harry Potter. Single mother who struggled just to make ends meet.She lived in  apartment that was greatly infested with rats.Her publisher said “Who will read fairy tales in the 21st century ? Give up”.And she didn’t .

Defeat your fears, and your all obstacles to achieve your dreams , and don’t forget You Can Do It!!!


Write Down Your Goal

Write down your goal to accomplish it faster, and to accomplish it at all !

What is human ?

It is unique combination of matter and energy. Matter which is filled with pure energy.It is life. We are humans, and we are LIFE .We are filled with life, and we are a life.Life is in us. Also life is all around you.Just look around you.Look at the tree. It grows, gives fruits,his leaves fallen and then again, and again.That is life.

When the wood dries, you can be sure that life left him.

Can we restrict  tree, and  tell him do not grow up anymore ? We can only cut off branches and if we’re not skilled the tree will die. You can be sure in that !

You are pure life my friend,just like tree. And life always wants to evolve,always pretends to develop.If he ceases to develop, he dies.The question is how life develops in us. We are developing through our goals. And we die if we do not have them. When we stop setting goals, our branches dry up slowly.

We have many depressed people, people who have no goals.People in which life does not develop. 

Are we like a tree !? In sense of life , yes we are, we can pull the analogy with it.We are pure life, just like a tree.But we are much more than a tree.We have free will to choose a way of life. We are conscious beings.The only conscious beings in nature. Can you imagine conscious tree ?

To finish school,to find a job, to create family, to publish a book, to travel around the world, to change your occupation, to heal yourself, to be happy, to be fit, to be……… No matter what your goal is,it’s important that you have it.You must have it .When you achieve one goal, immediately set the next one, that you would not become dissatisfied.

Write Down Your Goal

Do you want to achieve your goal? I believe you do.Then write down your goal on the paper. I will tell you why you should do that.
1.The goal is much more serious when it’s on paper;
2.You send a message to your subconscious to make it happen;
3.You can read your goal every day.

Also you should appoint the deadline to which you want to achieve your goal.This is very important. This is related to point one,but also with your subconscious level.

If you want to achieve your goal, you need to read it every day, a couple of times per day.It’s especially important to read it in the evening and in the morning.Do you have a faith !? I am asking you because you must believe that you will realize your goal.And you’ll believe it when you conquer your subconscious of it. According to Dr. Sitin this can be done after we read our goal 500 times.

No matter what your goal is, I am sure my dear friends that You Can Do It !!!

Paint Your Sea With Right Color

Pick the right color for your sea, to have a wonderful life !

There was once a wise ruler.He was aware of his power and that’s why he ruled very wisely.He wanted  everyone in his kingdom to be happy and he knew that happiness depends on him.He lived above all other citizens,in big castle.He commanded his servants every day. He had a lot of servants .

Depending on his command the slave was writing on paper message and carried further on execution.He traveled by boat to the port.A messenger awaited him in the port ready to react after reading the message.After each message, he would have poured lots of liquid into the sea.Each liquid had its own color and each color painted the whole sea after  that. Red,yellow, black,gray, green...

The color of the water was changed a couple of times per day,depends of the ruler. But what is interesting here ,that is the number of messengers which is huge. The ruler sent about 60,000 slaves every day.

Paint Your Sea With Right Color

The ruler is your brain !He is above all organs in every sense.He sends a thousands of messages to your hormones every day.Of these messages depends the  color of your sea.And  the ruler of the story from above is very wise because he knows that. He knows that if he send a negative message, the people will be unhappy.

These slaves are your thoughts. They carry messages to your hormones through your bloodstream.Yes, they are your slaves, respectively  your brain servant. They are not alone, they are not independent. You have about 60.000 thoughts per day.

The messenger is the gland that reads the message.You can not influence it directly,but you can influence your brain, which is their master.

The message is a protein, neuropeptide where your message is typed.The sea representation of our emotions.

The color of your emotions depends on your hormones, and they depend on your thoughts.

Your blood is red, and you can’t change that, but your sea are your emotions and  you can change their color with your mind.Will they be red,yellow, black,gray, green,blue or whatever, that depends only on you.

You are the owner of your thoughts, and with them of your life.

There is nothing like a bad mood.You have only bad emotions,because of bad thoughts .I’m not sure how you imagine the color of your emotions,but for me bad emotions are black and gray and the good ones are  blue, red, yellow.

Remember the color of your emotions depends only on you, but your whole life depends on them! Be wise , and paint them in the right color,the color of the love, the color of happiness,because I am sure now that You Can Do It !!!





                                           Sometimes it is hard ,but you have to move forward!

I listened to a story about a guy who gave up of his life . His last words was “I have no strength to go on“.He was only 25  years old.So young and already gave up. It’s not a lonely case.   I’m always sad when I hear that.

Life is like climbing on mountain, on whose top you never need to climb,because  from the top, the path leads down. You’ll have a lot of crises,many destinations where your air will disappear.But in that moments you must move on.You will not get all  battles,but you will get the war,and that is the most important thing !

Sometimes  you will come across a wall. Sometimes sometimes you’ll be frightened. Sometimes you  will think that you have no strength.Do not let this discourage you.This is normal,you are just a human being. 

You must know that there is no mountain that is easy to climb,because the mountain is just a hill, and for every hill you need a lot of effort . For every success in life you need a lot of energy,and a lot of  courage.But you need a lot of courage to give up.That is not an easy task  too.

Giving up is unique for  human beings only.Animals never give up. I’ve never heard of a cat that got tired of hunting and who therefore gave up,but I heard about many people who gave up.

You are not alone in your road.First of all you are your bigger support.You are  a conscious being, and you must be aware of that.You are your biggest friend and your biggest enemy .You have to be aware of that .

In this road will find obstacles.Sometimes you will think that it is impossible to overcome them.They will look too big for you,but in fact they are not. 

Biggest obstacle is the one in your head.Your own obstacles,your fear of failure.Then, be brave enough to ask for help.I will be here always to support you, to tell you that you can do it ! To  help you to climb over the wall,because I really believe in you and in your path too, and I am sure that You Can Do It !!!