Interview With Ben Aqiba

In my Alpha state, before my bad time I told my subconscious to ask me a few questions to which I will give answers on my blog. When I woke up I wrote down the questions. These are her subconscious questions and my conscience answers. I will called her in text below Alpha !

This is the interview of my subconscious with me !

Alpha: In what you believe ? This is good question :)… In knowledge. I believe in knowledge. But not in any kind of knowledge. I believe in the knowledge that enables us to develop. Knowledge about us, humans is definitely that kind of knowledge. Knowledge that helps us to understand who we are and what we are. I believe also that ignorance divides humanity. Because we  are born as an empty plate “TABULA RASA“, and our parents and our teachers print the information in it, in the beginning, and later  we ourselves. Can you imagine how world would be when all people would learn about themselves much more. These days they  bombing us from all with ads, with information which are useless for us.We need to filtered them, and to leave the space for real knowledge!

Alpha: Are you positive ? I’m trying to be. I am just human being, and I  run my own battles. But I know that the dominant thoughts in my head are positive. I always look at everything from a brighter side. Thoughts shape words<words shape actions<actions shape character<character shape destiny. I believe that everything will be ok in every situation. So, yeah, I am positive !

Alpha: What is your goal ? I have a lot of goals. My goal is to be happy always, because I believe that happiness is a journey not destination. Life is usually what happens to us while we are  chasing our goals. My goal is to be positive, to raise my kids on the best possible way, to be aware of themselves and their roles in the world, not to be a servant of the system or someone else’s,  to think with their heads. One of my goals is to create a community of positive people where we will learn from each other, and share positive energy.Positive energy is the key.

Alpha: Do you believe in love ? Of course I do . I feel love for everything I do. I am a product of love.Love between two people, love between two cells . We are born to share love. I  feel love for everything I do. When  I write post, when I reply on comment,when I ride a bike. I love my family, my life. I love when I am able to do the things in which I enjoy . My children are a product of love. I believe that most people are born out of love. The lifespan is very short to spend it on negative things. I really believe that the love is all we need.

Alpha: Why “You Can Do It” ? Just look at around us,and you will see  what all man did. Everything you see is born in one’s head first. Bridge, airplane, car, electricity etc. I could write by tomorrow. The biggest obstacles are those in our head. You can do it is a grenade that breaks these obstacles.When you believe that you can do it, you can do it. I  would return to the first question here. The knowledge is power !


Alpha: And one more question.Why you think that I am stupid ? (read first Your subconscious is stupid) . Because you are 🙂 You believe everything I tell you. That black is white, and that white is black.  You  don’t  have  opinion about  anything.  If  I  know how,I can  influence you when I want. Although I have to admit that you’re a great servant but a bad master, just like money ! Although maybe I was too rough, You are just naive 🙂

Thank you for reading my dear friends and don’t forget that You Can Do It !!!

Stephen Hawking Is Moving

Stephen Hawking is moving too, because nothing in the world stands still, everything vibrates,with a certain frequency !

If you want to know the secrets of the Universe, think in terms of frequency, energy and vibrationNikola Tesla.

This is one of the basic laws of nature. If you think you’re still, you’re wrong. If you think you can’t levitate, you’re wrong. The greatest discovery of the modern man was that the atom is empty.It is full of energy which vibrate with certain frequency.

The healthier we are, the vibration is higher.The first thing we need to heal is the frequency of our body. But first you must know that you are pure energy.Energy which vibrate with certain frequency! With this knowledge you are ready for the next fact. 

Your present life is the result of your thoughts from the past ! With same  thoughts like yesterday, your future will be the same like your present,in every sense ! You know for now that you have about 60.000 thoughts in one day.These thoughts, together with your environment, determine the frequency of your body.

People are beings  of habit, and our thoughts are the  result of our habits. The main question is here, what are the dominant thoughts of your mind ?

Please here, be honest !

Because, if the dominant thoughts in your head are negative, then you are set to a low-frequency!If you constantly blame yourself for everything,if you’re scared,if you’re angry, than you will create a bad emotions which will lower the frequency of your body and lead to illness.

I’ll take the feeling of guilt with frequency of 30 Hz , which is a terribly low-frequency as an example. If you constantly feel guilty for something you did or for something you did not do, I must say to you a couple of things :
you live in the past;
– the feeling of guilt is the dominant emotion in your mind;
you are set to a low frequency field .


All this things are bad for your, because you have a great chance to get sick. I love to say, that you are what you think you are. You must change your frequency my friend, now, immediately ! This is not to hard, just change your focus on positive things. Pay attention on the things you have already. Love, home, friends.

Change your expectations. Expect positive things to happen to you. Instead of failure, expect success. Instead  of illness except health. Try to convince yourself that you are happy, because I am sure that you have a lot of reasons for that.

Write it on paper:   “I am happy,  I am healthy. My  life  is  filled  with  joy and happy.  I am perfect human being, because I am living in perfect time, on perfect place, in perfect body “, and read this every day after awakening and before sleep . And you will be all that.You will increase your body frequency on higher level.

Your energy is in your hands.Use it in the best possible way, because I know that You Can Do It !!!

Can We Beat Cancer?

Can we beat cancer is probably the biggest question of our time !We are the answer on all questions, we are that link, we are that power !

I am a lawyer. And from the start I need a proof for everything.For faith, for miracles. Simple I must know why and how to believe ! On the other hand I could never accept the fact that we have a brain,  just to do the most basic life functions . If that’s the case, than we are like animals, right !

What is cancer !?

I wrote several articles about our subconscious. I will write a lot more about that, because there is our answer. Our answers lie in our subconscious. Everything in our DNA is the product of our thoughts  and our environments.

Here, you can read a true story about the true  victory over this wicked disease !

Research conducted by Dr.Bruce Lipton,American developmental biologist in genes field, who worked on the study of DNA and genes to the US Government has proved that everything in our DNA is the product of our Thoughts  and our Environments.

We all learned from biology about cell division, right !

So,he has taken a single cell gene and put it in a test tube . After 10-12 hours the cell is divided into two parts, so he got two identical cells. After couple of days he had in the test tube a couple of thousands of cells .


He took a few cells and put them into specific test tube under certain  circumstances, and the cells created Bones.


He took a few cells and put them into another test tube under other circumstances, and the cells created Muscles.


A third group of cells was placed in an unhealthy environment and they  created Cancer.



But, the biggest EUREKA was the moment, when he moved cancer cells in a healthy environment, and they were healed .

So what is cancer !? Simple, sick cell.

EUREKA. This is the biggest invention after wheel . Are you aware what this  means ?

You should be happy  because you  are reading this.

American Association for Cancer Research which pays attention to cancer genes,  proved that only 5% cases has genetic link. They say that 60 percent of cancers can be avoided by changing diet and lifestyle .

Conscious mind is similar to the processor of 4o bits speed, because it can process information at once, which is coming from 40 different nerves.

The subconscious mind is a processor of 40 million bits,because it can process 40 millions information in same time.

95%-99% of the time we are using the information from our subconscious mind ,but we are not aware of that.

The direction of our thoughts

Our emotions are processed in the  part of the brain which is called the hypothalamus.

-After that it sends a signal  to the thyroid gland to secrete hormones.
Hormones are released depending on our emotions.
Our emotions depend on our thoughts.

So, if your thoughts are positive you will released the hormones of happiness.
If they are negative you will released  stress hormones, which increase the PH value of the body and conducive to the development of cancer cells, and all other disease.

Are you aware of that?Are you scared? You have to be afraid of your thoughts , if they are negative.You must change them.You must think positive,if you want to be healthy.

You Can Do It !!!

Fill Years With Life

Fill years with life, not life with years!

Once upon a time lived an old fisherman. He lived alone in an old and dilapidated house. He cleaned the house and kept it in solid shape by itself, despite his age. He spent the entire life of the living in the same way : catch fish, sell fish,  clean the house and again.Just like in the circle .

But, his legs became heavy ,weakened his eyesight. He could no longer tossed his nets .

He felt that he is closer to the last days.

One day after awakening ,he felt pain in the body and he could not get out of bed. Tears were streaming down his cheeks . In despair, he decided that he will not spend the last days in the house.

He decided to spend just one day on the way he want. His last day.

That idea gave him the strength to stand up, to jump to his feet and ran to the city.He had several traders who owed him the money, and he went to collect it. With that money he bought a couple of bottles of good wine, food and repaired his boat.

He sailed on his last trip !

Far, far, in the open sea,fishermen found the old man with a smile on his lips .On the old boat, he was engraved the lesson he learned from his life :

Fill years with life, not life with years.

Sometimes we must spend our whole life to learn something. But with an open mind we are on the speed track towards enlightenment .

You know, we will come at the end of our life, one day. We will ask ourselves :

Have I used all the opportunities ?
– What am I leaving behind?
– What I remember ?

It would be great to answer on all questions with smile. Because that will be a sing that your life made sense.

Someone once said :“Life is not measured by the number of breaths we take, but by the moments that take our breath away.”

How often you are doing things for yourself !? Life is magical circle. Indeed life is Copy/Paste. If I want to show you your next day, I’ll look for your today’s schedule. Rising-Dressing-Working-Resting,  and again Rising-Dressing-Working-Resting and again.

To have fantastic memories, you must do something fantastic, something different. It’s very sad if you can put your whole year in a single sentence .You are born to be great.

Live now my friend, create memories .Don’t regret one day,breath now, act now because You Can Do It !!!

You Are Different

Everyone has his own path that should  pass in life !

Three friends, they argued  about that, who have a better life, and whose life road is more correct.

-The first one, he liked to  sleep  a lot. He had a job , a own company and he was his own boss. That kind of job is allowed him to sleep to noon and to go on his job .

-The second one was a very hyperactive. He despised sleeping , because according to him it was a wasting of time. He liked to get up early and to start working immediately.He loved the saying “Who gets up early, two happiness takes”.

-And the third one was liked to travel. He was a very  happy only when he is  going somewhere. Life is to short to be your hole life in one place,he said. He thought that a man was born to travel.That is only important in life.

Far in the east of the country was lived a one wise man,wise old man. People from all over the world were coming to him for advice,and after some time, three friends has appeared at his door with question.

Which life is better!!!???

We must know who is  right.They started, he likes to sleep a lot, and that is wrong……he likes to travel a lot and I don’t…he likes to work a lot, and that is so wrong……

  • And wise man told them: You are different !

  • That is all!!!??? Tell us the truth,who is wrong and who is right !

That is all.You are different !!!

When you want to be like others just remember You are different !

When they except from you to be like them, just remember You are different !

When you think that you do not fit in system just remember You are different !

When you think that you are alone in the world, it is because You are different !

People, society, friends,state, they want to create you according to their standards.To be like them. Like your parents, like your friends, like your brothers or sisters , or your cousins. If you let them, you will work against yourself, because You are different !

Those people who accept you as you are, those people are your real friends.And not only that.Those people are truly enlightened people.

You like to sleep, you like to walk, you do not talk much etc…How is that God who have a right to say to you that is wrong.Compared with what ??? Based on what ???

You should be proud on yourself, because you are different. Be yourself, and don’t care about others.Be brave and forget about standards.

Be different, because you are and don’t forget the most important fact   You Can Do It !!!

One And Only You by James T. Moore

Every single blade of grass
and every flake of snow-
is just a wee bit different…
There’s no two alike, you know.
From something small
like grains of sand.
To each gigantic star
all were made with THIS is mind:
To be just what they are!
How foolish then, to imitate-
How useless to pretend!
Since each of us comes from a MIND
Whose ideas never end.
There’ll only be just ONE of ME
To show what I can do –
And you should likewise feel very proud
There’s only ONE of YOU.
That is where it all starts
With you, a wonderful, unlimited human being

Do Not Accept…

Your life is a set of your choices !!!

Do not accept to be ordinary .

Do not accept to be mediocrity .

Do not accept to be sick.

Do not accept to  work a job which you don’t like.

Do not accept to be in bad marriage.

Do not accept tо crawl in life.

Do not accept to judge others.

Do not accept not to think with your own head.

Do not accept to impose you their opinions.

Do not accept to impose you their taste.

Do not accept to lose yourself .

Do not accept to compete with others.

Do not accept to be slave.

Do not accept to your fear overcome you.

Do not accept life which you don’t like.

Sometimes we are not aware that our life is in our hands. Our hole life is in our hands.Where we live, how we live is the meter of our choices . We sometimes make some choices unconsciously to please others (parents, society,friends), because it is easier .Simple, we don’t want to be criticized. With that we  accept the rules that others impose to us. But please, do not accept….. to go to college because of your parents (if you don’t want that), to work every day from 9-5 if you don’t want, to live in the country where are you born if you don’t want, to work the job which you hate, to do anything in your life which is against your will.

You have a free will to accept or not the things .

My friend told me that he want to change his job, because he despises him, boss mistreats him, but he have a good salary and good reputation, and a lot of people would do anything to work in that company. And it is so rude  to be dissatisfied with his job, because his parents are very proud on him too. It is sin !

This is a one great example of  a man who is not his own master. He is ready to accept all that torture which create to much stress for him, to save that perfect image about him, to please his parents and society.

If you asking me, this is a very big price for that.

Do not fall on baits set by others. They are here just to keep you in the line. Make your own choices.Next time when you be in situation in which you are unsatisfied you must know that you are accepted that !

Do not accept not to believe in sentence You Can Do It !!!


24 Ducats

Imagine that someone give you  every day 24 ducats.Every single day, and on all that he give you free will to do whit ducats whatever you want.What would you do ?

One master had three servant. And he told them this:

I will  give you every day 24 ducats. Every single day.With that,with ducats you have  a free will to do  whatever you want .I give you free will for that. But one day, I’ll stop to giving you.And after that we’re going to obliterate our accounts.

They were more than happy.They could not wait to begin to spend their gold coins. In the beginning, they knew exactly what they want with them.They spent them in the best possible way. They where happy,very happy because they have those ducats.They kept saying what they want to do and they did it. After some time they began to speak less about their desires,and their desires in them are began to fade.

The ducats were losing value for them!

After a certain period they have become very dissatisfied, and they start to spend their  ducats on irrelevant things, on arguments, on the nervousness.

They forgot how much value has ducats.

They become blind, in spite of their eyes.

They steeped in immorality, in discontent, into depression, in apathy.

When the master has seen all that,he decided to take from them all ducats for awhile  but to give them a second chance.

When they realized that they could lose all the gold coins, they have realized their true value,they pray the master for a second chance.And they get it.

This time, they are realize how much is really worth ducats, and they have to use them very wisely and very courageous.

24 ducats are symbol for 24 hours, how much we have every day for life.We have a free will to do with our 24 hours whatever we want.We are free.But we never know when are we going to lose them.Maybe tomorrow, and maybe not.

As you can see from the story, when we are young, when we where kids we knew exactly what we want, and we did not afraid to say that laud and clear.

I like children.They are so honest and happy.

But over time we stop to appreciate our time.We become sad,depressed , unhappy…..

The most important question in life is how we spend our time !?

Some people begin to live after they experienced some trauma.They begin to live when  they are near to death.Only than they recognize the true value of their life.Only than they start to appreciate “the time”.

The most realistic thing in life is time.We can not bring back our time.You can not turn back this second,this minute,but you can use your time on the best possible way.Ironically we have timers on every corner to measure whether we’re late to work,to school, on date,but we don’t measure our life time.

What if we’re late for Life ???

I like the definition of wealth by Robert Kiyosaki  “You are rich as much,as much you have a time“. If your monthly costs are 2.000$, and you have 2.000$ in your pocket,than you are rich a one month!

Life is too short for stress, for the anxiety, for sorrow.Be happy every day,be happy now.

My question to you is on which way you are spending your ducats ?

You must be aware how your time is valuable.

You Can Do It !!!