Interview With Ben Aqiba

In my Alpha state, before my bad time I told my subconscious to ask me a few questions to which I will give answers on my blog. When I woke up I wrote down the questions. These are her subconscious questions and my conscience answers. I will called her in text below Alpha !

This is the interview of my subconscious with me !

Alpha: In what you believe ? This is good question :)… In knowledge. I believe in knowledge. But not in any kind of knowledge. I believe in the knowledge that enables us to develop. Knowledge about us, humans is definitely that kind of knowledge. Knowledge that helps us to understand who we are and what we are. I believe also that ignorance divides humanity. Because we  are born as an empty plate “TABULA RASA“, and our parents and our teachers print the information in it, in the beginning, and later  we ourselves. Can you imagine how world would be when all people would learn about themselves much more. These days they  bombing us from all with ads, with information which are useless for us.We need to filtered them, and to leave the space for real knowledge!

Alpha: Are you positive ? I’m trying to be. I am just human being, and I  run my own battles. But I know that the dominant thoughts in my head are positive. I always look at everything from a brighter side. Thoughts shape words<words shape actions<actions shape character<character shape destiny. I believe that everything will be ok in every situation. So, yeah, I am positive !

Alpha: What is your goal ? I have a lot of goals. My goal is to be happy always, because I believe that happiness is a journey not destination. Life is usually what happens to us while we are  chasing our goals. My goal is to be positive, to raise my kids on the best possible way, to be aware of themselves and their roles in the world, not to be a servant of the system or someone else’s,  to think with their heads. One of my goals is to create a community of positive people where we will learn from each other, and share positive energy.Positive energy is the key.

Alpha: Do you believe in love ? Of course I do . I feel love for everything I do. I am a product of love.Love between two people, love between two cells . We are born to share love. I  feel love for everything I do. When  I write post, when I reply on comment,when I ride a bike. I love my family, my life. I love when I am able to do the things in which I enjoy . My children are a product of love. I believe that most people are born out of love. The lifespan is very short to spend it on negative things. I really believe that the love is all we need.

Alpha: Why “You Can Do It” ? Just look at around us,and you will see  what all man did. Everything you see is born in one’s head first. Bridge, airplane, car, electricity etc. I could write by tomorrow. The biggest obstacles are those in our head. You can do it is a grenade that breaks these obstacles.When you believe that you can do it, you can do it. I  would return to the first question here. The knowledge is power !


Alpha: And one more question.Why you think that I am stupid ? (read first Your subconscious is stupid) . Because you are 🙂 You believe everything I tell you. That black is white, and that white is black.  You  don’t  have  opinion about  anything.  If  I  know how,I can  influence you when I want. Although I have to admit that you’re a great servant but a bad master, just like money ! Although maybe I was too rough, You are just naive 🙂

Thank you for reading my dear friends and don’t forget that You Can Do It !!!

Stephen Hawking Is Moving

Stephen Hawking is moving too, because nothing in the world stands still, everything vibrates,with a certain frequency !

If you want to know the secrets of the Universe, think in terms of frequency, energy and vibrationNikola Tesla.

This is one of the basic laws of nature. If you think you’re still, you’re wrong. If you think you can’t levitate, you’re wrong. The greatest discovery of the modern man was that the atom is empty.It is full of energy which vibrate with certain frequency.

The healthier we are, the vibration is higher.The first thing we need to heal is the frequency of our body. But first you must know that you are pure energy.Energy which vibrate with certain frequency! With this knowledge you are ready for the next fact. 

Your present life is the result of your thoughts from the past ! With same  thoughts like yesterday, your future will be the same like your present,in every sense ! You know for now that you have about 60.000 thoughts in one day.These thoughts, together with your environment, determine the frequency of your body.

People are beings  of habit, and our thoughts are the  result of our habits. The main question is here, what are the dominant thoughts of your mind ?

Please here, be honest !

Because, if the dominant thoughts in your head are negative, then you are set to a low-frequency!If you constantly blame yourself for everything,if you’re scared,if you’re angry, than you will create a bad emotions which will lower the frequency of your body and lead to illness.

I’ll take the feeling of guilt with frequency of 30 Hz , which is a terribly low-frequency as an example. If you constantly feel guilty for something you did or for something you did not do, I must say to you a couple of things :
you live in the past;
– the feeling of guilt is the dominant emotion in your mind;
you are set to a low frequency field .


All this things are bad for your, because you have a great chance to get sick. I love to say, that you are what you think you are. You must change your frequency my friend, now, immediately ! This is not to hard, just change your focus on positive things. Pay attention on the things you have already. Love, home, friends.

Change your expectations. Expect positive things to happen to you. Instead of failure, expect success. Instead  of illness except health. Try to convince yourself that you are happy, because I am sure that you have a lot of reasons for that.

Write it on paper:   “I am happy,  I am healthy. My  life  is  filled  with  joy and happy.  I am perfect human being, because I am living in perfect time, on perfect place, in perfect body “, and read this every day after awakening and before sleep . And you will be all that.You will increase your body frequency on higher level.

Your energy is in your hands.Use it in the best possible way, because I know that You Can Do It !!!

How To Become A Superhero

How to become a superhero is simpler than you think !

When I was a little boy, I loved to watch movies  about heroes. A hero who fights evil and who is a fighter for justice ! The greatest hero for me was Supermen, with all his powers, he could fly, he was faster than a speeding bullet, more powerful than a locomotive. Most of all, I was fascinated by the fact that he used his power to help people !

When I grew up and I formed my own family, I realized how much is actually difficult to raise children and direct  them to the right path .
Then I realized my parents are actually heroes because they devoted their whole life to us, unselfishly. They worked hard all the time. They ignored their needs, and in the first  place they put the needs of his  children.

Today, the greatest adventure is peaceful and orderly family life !

Now I got a different understanding of heroes .What it means to be a hero ? Do you know any hero?
When I changed my definition of hero, I began every day to meet them, on the street, on the Internet, in the neighborhood, in the family .

The hero (a real story about my dear friend from Syria) is a person who is aware of the transience of lifeand which, in spite of this, helps himself and others to have a better life, who never gives up,who looks at life positively.Hero is aware that nothing will fall from the sky, and he has to fight for his dreams.

The hero is a person who stands upright while others are knelt on their knees!

The hero is a person who has own opinion when everyone else is losing their!

The hero is a person who dreams own dreams when everyone else lose their!

The hero is a person who sees the light when darkness is everywhere!

The hero is a person who is trying to learn us something new, while everyone else is trying to confuse us!

The hero is a person who gives us helpful advice, without asking  anything for himself!

Heroes are everywhere . Maybe you are one of them. If you have a dream, without the fear of what will say your environment. If you are generous and helping others without expecting anything in return,if your child sees in you a role model and they want to be like you tomorrow . Then you are a hero.Then you’re a bright example !

Be nice and help others, have your attitude, have your opinion no matter what, dream big dreams and not be afraid to try to make them happen no matter  what the opinion of others is, no matter how much it seemed impossible.

We need heroes now more than ever, because we must fight we have to fight for a better planet against evil, against negativity and we can only do it together, positive energy

You will make it, you are true hero, and You Can Do It !

Your Subconscious Is Stupid

Your subconscious is stupid because she is ready to believe in everything !Think positive if you want well for yourself !

My dears friends, you know that I love to write about great people . About miracles. Because I want to show you that is possible. I believe that the key of our happiness is in our hands .But not only that. I believe that the key of our health is also in our hands . First, it’s important to read this articles  I,II,III, IV !

Now I wanna talk about one great man . He is  a doctor of Medicine, Psychology, Pedagogy and Philosophy! Impressive right !? It is nothing compared to the following facts. In WW2 he was seriously injured couple times . The doctors found that he is a severe disabled person and that he will die.

In 1954 it was noted that he is completely healthy.

At the age of 70 years, he became the father of a daughter and at the age of 75 he became a father for the second time. It was  established then that the age of his organism corresponds to a person of 30-40  years.

When he was 84 years it is found that the aging of his organism is stopped.

It’s a Russian scientist, George Nikolajevich Sitin !

What is his secret?

His secret is in his head. He developed texts which he reads on a daily basis and with whom he convinces himself that he is health, young and great. And he is !

How is it possible ?

Because you are  Superman my friend ! Compare this. Consciousness processing data with speed of 40 bit/s and   the subconscious with speed of 40 million bit/s.

Because of this speed he works exclusively at present.She does not know for the future, neither for the past.  Here is one simple question for you and I’ll offer you some answers.The question is How are you ?:
answer 1 “I’m not good
“, is a sign for your subconsciousness to fulfill your wish NOW;
answer  2 I am great”, the right answer,  is also a sign for your subconsciousness to fulfill your wish NOW;
answer 3 
I will be better” , means nothing for your subconsciousness.Because it is future time, and your  subconsciousness only knows for present.

If you can believe, you can achieve !

The subconscious is very boring. She does not have a sense of humor. She’s very stupid because she  believes in everything you tell her. It’s very easy to cheat her.She does not know to argue. 

She is so stupid, that she will believed that you’re healthy even if  you are not.
She is so stupid that she will believed that you’re young even if you are not.

And when she believes that something is true she will turn it into truth.

My dear readers , please take advantage of her naivety for your better life.

Convince yourself in amazing things and you will be amazing because I know now, that  You Can Do It !!!


What We Can Do !?

What we can do to save the world is the question above all questions. It is the question  from whose answer our whole life can be changed !

It is too much negativity in our world. Too much negative news  and with that too much negative people .

We live in the material world. In the world where money is the  most important. Because with the money you can buy health, beauty, friends, popularity . For the sake of money, we destroyed the planet . Because of the interest of oil companies we broadcast too much CO2 into the atmosphere. We  cut our forests which make the air and absorb CO2. 

We exterminated animals for fun, because of the trophy.

We forgot, everything that happens to the animals, will happened to  people too . Nature is our mother, but are we her children !?

And the nature  returns  a blow. With hurricanes. With earthquakes . With floods .With fires.

They impose to us the fashion taste, culture taste, music taste. We have too much depressed people because they can not to satisfy all the norms expected from them. They are fat, they are ugly, they are broke,they are……

Our school does not learn us “How to be happy“, “How to heal ourselves” “How to think with our head“. They teach us how to listen our bosses, to work without thinking , to kill for country, to  fight for the state . To buy products without thinking. To be IN.

But for God’s sake we are not machines. We are not made from microchips and power circuits.

We have a “real” brain. We have a “real” heart . We are humans. We are from flash and blood , and we have emotions. And, we, we have to fight .

What We Can Do !!!???

Our strongest  weapon is our mind. Our the  most powerful weapon are our thoughts. We are born free. With free will to do, to think , to act. Please friends, let’s unite with common goal. To share positive energy over the glob. To share positive thoughts and positive views. We are on the same side.  On the side of light .

You may think that you are powerless as an individual,
but you must know the real power is in you !

Our main weapon is our positive energy. The world needs us, more than ever. We must share love, because this is the most powerful emotion. Earth is our mother and we are her children. We must protect her, we need to take care of her. Spread positive things, smile, love, kindness. Our common energy ,positive energy is the best gift for our mother. When  she  sees us smiling, she will smile too. She, like any mother, has only one goal, that her children be happy.

So be happy my friends, we can do it together. We are connected with our mother, no doubt, with energy, with thoughts, with water .

Think, act and be positive because I know that You Can Do It !!!

Try To Be Deaf

Try to be deaf sometimes to the words of others !

The river was big, the river was strong. No one has ever managed to swim to the other side. It was simply too fast and too dangerous. A group of young men gathered together with the intention to try to swim to the other side.

People came from all sides of the country to watch them, to see who dared to try to conquer the river, when that was impossible. The river was big,cold,  strong and fast, and no one  can swim in such an environment.

People came to tell them that is impossible.

The boys jumped into the water and started swimming. People stood on the shore and they shoutedGive up“, “It is impossible“, “You can’t do it“, “No one has succeeded so far,Come back now”.

Little by little, the words from shore are started to influence swimmers. Little by little, one by one swimmer is gave up . Except one. One swimmer was  persistent enough.One swimmer was  determined to achieve his intention to come to another coast. And he did it.

People were shocked.People were angry. People  were in disbelief.

How he did it when it’s impossible !?

They started approaching the swimmer, to be photographed with him. They wanted to talk to him. To  ask him how you did it.

But he just watched them and did not say anything. He stood and watched all these people and tried to understand what they wanted from him.

He was deaf !

Sometimes it is necessary to be deaf, and to not hear what others have to say .

How many times have you been in a situation when you have some idea, but your friends , parents, told you “If you think it’s a smart idea,why no one had thought of it before” or, “It is impossible“, “It is too risky” etc, and all this with  the best intentions.


But the path to hell is paved with good intentions. The biggest risk in life is not to try anything, to be passive. The biggest risk in life is to be a silent observer of your life. That is to risky my friend. I will tell you this, you can do anything you want.  Ignore others. Maybe they love you,  but  from that love comes an overly concerned for you. Motives can be different,jealousy, envy, who cares, don’t listen them.

Be deaf  for your conscience part of the consciousness. She compares your idea with earlier behavior, and if you do not have experience with that you will feel the fear.

You are born for great deeds, you are born for great life.You are born for great ideas. Do not run away from them, accept them,create them, be brave to realize them, because my friend I am now totally sure that You Can Do It !!!

Let Your Word Be…

Let your word be  wise, and let it happen after thinking !

Let your word be short, but with deep sense !

Let your word be modest, not to offend  your interlocutor!

Let your word be compassionate, to show that you sympathize with others !

Let your word be brave, to show that you are thinking with your own  head!

Let your word be warmto open the hearts of others !

Let your word be sharpto strike right into the heart !

Let your word be bright, to  illuminate the positive side of each situation !

Let your word be strong, to show  that  they can rely on you !

Let your word be good, to show your real character !

Let your word be true, to show  that you are a warrior of light!

 Let your word be comforted, to show that you are human being !

Let your word be nice, to show that you are nice !

Let your word be  positive, it is enough negativity in the world !

Let your word be deep, to force people to think !

Let your word be measured, not to show your emotions !

Let your word be full of confidence, to show that You Can Do It !

Internal Hygiene

Did you know that people in the Middle Ages did not bathe never ?

The Royal families had that privilege to bathe twice in life. Once  they are born and the second time when they get married. But the queen Elizabeth  loved scents, and she  always carried the perfume with her.

I’m sure that you all take care of your hygiene. It’s normal today to shower every day, to wash your teeth because hygiene is half the health.

But do you take care of your internal hygiene?

Today it is a ignominy not to take care of hygiene, right !?

I am sure that it will be ignominy  to  be ill in the future. Now we know that illness is the result of our thoughts. The stress in which we bring ourselves.  I believe that we always have a choice how to react on every situation.

Did you know that one single  thought can produce about 1.400 chemical reactions in your body.

You must be aware that according to parity theory everything in nature comes in pairs. Good and Bad.
Black and White. Big and Small. Glow and Darkness. With that our thoughts comes in our head in two forms Positive thoughts and Negative thoughts .

            Positive thoughts produce                                      Negative thoughts produce
positive  emotions                                                        negative emotions

Love                                                                                       Hate
Joyfulness                                                                           Dissatisfaction
Kindness                                                                                  Hostility
Happiness                                                                                 Sorrow
Faith                                                                                       Despair
Empathy                                                                              Intolerance
Gratitude                                                                               Disrespect
Enthusiasm                                                                            Agony
Trust                                                                                    Jealousy

When you look at this list, you can conclude by yourself, how are you  feel when you experience positive and negative emotions. How your body is feeling in that moment. Ask your self  What kind of benefits can  bring you above mention emotions. I will help you.

Negative thoughts will bring you depression, anxiety, agony, cancer etc…. and with that a life in agony.

Positive thoughts will bring you prosperity , development, health, success etc… and with that a great life.

Positive emotions will bring you a happy, and healthy life. Negative emotions will bring you illness and dissatisfaction with life. Also, every thought have own frequency.And one thought will create a couple similar thoughts , and that is a real power. That power will create a thousands of chemical reactions in your body.

Great news is that all this is under your control. Internal hygiene must be your daily routine. Why ? Because your present life is the result of your thoughts from the past. You have about 60.000 thoughts in your day .One single thoughts are not so important. What is really important are your dominate thoughts .They must be positive , and you must make them positive.This is not easy job, but you must do it.

We will start with internal hygiene in my next post, so stay tuned.

Until then don’t forget You Can Do It !!!



King George

There is no better time to be happy than now. We should enjoy every moment of your life as if it was the last one. We assume that there will always be a tomorrow but the future doesn’t exist because nobody has seen it. We only have the present!


King George is a very wise king. Life has taught him that we need to make big effort in life if we want to make some goal. He is very cautious . He said :You have to try the water for a long,long, long time before throwing yourself into the pool.

He lives in the province of Catal. He is not only wise, he is rich also. His wealth is huge. His wealth is worth more than all the treasures of the world .His wealth is his family. He have a great family, twin boys, two great kids , two great princes and great queen.

He is so wise that he enjoys in small things like cooking food for them, because he knows that the biggest happiness is in small things.He said “To see my family healthy, happy and when my little twins tell me that I am the best cook in the world …, this is happiness, the best gift in the world. This is not paid with money, this is priceless. “

He teach his kids that changing a life style is not that easy but we do when we are forced to it. Let’s take the right road to a healthy life before it is too late.

I like to talk to him, because I learn every time something new, like:

-Being alive is a gift, being healthy is another gift, and if you have love around you…, that’s happiness. What else ? Also:

Maybe today is our last day, maybe tomorrow we get ill or we lose our health, maybe tomorrow we are going to die for whatever reason. Illness and death come without warning even if we are young!

I always listen to wise people carefully because every little word is important: “We should not leave so many things to do for tomorrow. Today is the best time we have. In fact, the present time is all what we have. Don’t wait for tomorrow to do whatever you want, if you can do it today, do it.”

“We shouldn’t take for granted that there will always be a tomorrow for us. I think this is the main problem for a lot of people. They don’t value the present and they always think that tomorrow will be best time. Enjoy now, there is no better time to be happy than right now!”

This are the words of great king George.

Great, wise, happy people are real, and we should be thankful because they live in our time .

Special note

King George is my friend Jordi. You can find his comments over my articles, and believe me you should read them couple times.

Thank you Jordi for your wise comments, for the positivity that you are spreading here .

Be wise, be happy like our wise King George because You Can Do It !!!