When I Get Old

When I get old, I want to have behind me, years filled with life!

When I get old, I want to have a peace in my soul,but  not because peace comes with age, but because I’m sure that I used my opportunities in the best possible way.

When I get old, I want to have a smile on my face, but not because I am wise and enlightened, but because  I have overcome all my fears in life.

When I get old, I want to have hope in my heart, but not because I was  good in my life, and I am expecting an award for that, but because I am sure that I am pure energy, and energy never dies.

When I get old, I want to be happy with my family , but not because I have my kids, I have my descendants, but  because I learned them how to live their life with full potential.

When I get old, I want to excited. But not because I am at the end of my road, and I am not sure what is behind the scene. But because I want to live with full lungs my whole time on Earth.My every minute. My last second.

When I get old I want to be serene, but not because  I’m tired of life,but because I  do not regret for missed opportunities in life.

When I get old, I want to speak less. But not because I’m tired of talking, but because I want to my word have a deep meaning for the listener which can help him/her to think about his/her life.

When I get old, I want to be thankful, to God, to Universe, To Heaven, because they gave me this great opportunity calling  life. They gave me the biggest weapon in Universe, my brain. They gave me free will to do with my life what I think that is the best for me.

When I get old, I want to be old,but not because I am just old and I can not be young again ,but because  I am aware of the transience of life. I spent my whole life ripening to get to this stage. I want to enjoy in every moment , in every breath of my maturity .
When I get old, I want to have just enough power to tell you one more time, that You Can Do It !!!

We Are Not Machines

We are not a machine, although we sometimes behave like that !

I watched a show where the journalist got the idea to test our  humanity. He lay down on the street where pedestrians walk and he pretended to be dead. No one approached him for 20 minutes. He lay there for 20 minutes and stood up in disbelief . I was shocked !

What happened to us ? Are we machines ?
Where our hearts have disappeared ?

We made a bypass but  we lost the heart! We think too much  but we do not feel enough ! We build bridges but we are not connected ! We feed a lot our body, but our soul  a little!

We make big houses but we’re destroying families ! We buy pills that cure everything but we do not want to look into ourselves! We know too much , but we apply knowledge a little !

We love a little bit, but we hate a lot ! We have  a term for those who spread hatred “Haters“,but we don’t have a term for those who spread love! We want a lot,  but we’re working on it a bit !

We are fighting against the war, but not for the peace! We  want to change others but not ourselves! We have large telescopes but narrow horizons ! We fight for ideals but not for morality!  We learn to love even though we were born with it!

We picture ourselves more but we have less and less pictures!We have a lot of pictures on social medias but we don’t have a photo album! We live in a virtual world and less and less in reality!  We have more and more reality shows but we do not have our own lives ! 

I believe in humanity. I believe in you ! Although,they are trying to make machines from us, we are not machines, we are humans. We have a heart and soul, and now we have a proof for that. We have love in our hearts. We are humans ! We are God’s creatures, light creatures with great possibilities, to share love, to share positive energy , to think with own head !

Maybe you have fake smile, fake lips, fake breasts,but under your skin is not machine, under your skin  is blood and flesh, under your skin are cells, under your skin is energy, under is soul, under is real you !

Be yourself, talk about love, talk about positive energy, share positive vibes over the globe .Tell the people you love, loud and clear I love you, I care about you. Show them that you are not machine, that you are human being, that you have a soul, and you will attract positive energy in your life, and your life will change on better !

You Can Do It !!!

How To Become A Superhero

How to become a superhero is simpler than you think !

When I was a little boy, I loved to watch movies  about heroes. A hero who fights evil and who is a fighter for justice ! The greatest hero for me was Supermen, with all his powers, he could fly, he was faster than a speeding bullet, more powerful than a locomotive. Most of all, I was fascinated by the fact that he used his power to help people !

When I grew up and I formed my own family, I realized how much is actually difficult to raise children and direct  them to the right path .
Then I realized my parents are actually heroes because they devoted their whole life to us, unselfishly. They worked hard all the time. They ignored their needs, and in the first  place they put the needs of his  children.

Today, the greatest adventure is peaceful and orderly family life !

Now I got a different understanding of heroes .What it means to be a hero ? Do you know any hero?
When I changed my definition of hero, I began every day to meet them, on the street, on the Internet, in the neighborhood, in the family .

The hero (a real story about my dear friend from Syria) is a person who is aware of the transience of lifeand which, in spite of this, helps himself and others to have a better life, who never gives up,who looks at life positively.Hero is aware that nothing will fall from the sky, and he has to fight for his dreams.

The hero is a person who stands upright while others are knelt on their knees!

The hero is a person who has own opinion when everyone else is losing their!

The hero is a person who dreams own dreams when everyone else lose their!

The hero is a person who sees the light when darkness is everywhere!

The hero is a person who is trying to learn us something new, while everyone else is trying to confuse us!

The hero is a person who gives us helpful advice, without asking  anything for himself!

Heroes are everywhere . Maybe you are one of them. If you have a dream, without the fear of what will say your environment. If you are generous and helping others without expecting anything in return,if your child sees in you a role model and they want to be like you tomorrow . Then you are a hero.Then you’re a bright example !

Be nice and help others, have your attitude, have your opinion no matter what, dream big dreams and not be afraid to try to make them happen no matter  what the opinion of others is, no matter how much it seemed impossible.

We need heroes now more than ever, because we must fight we have to fight for a better planet against evil, against negativity and we can only do it together, positive energy

You will make it, you are true hero, and You Can Do It !

What We Can Do !?

What we can do to save the world is the question above all questions. It is the question  from whose answer our whole life can be changed !

It is too much negativity in our world. Too much negative news  and with that too much negative people .

We live in the material world. In the world where money is the  most important. Because with the money you can buy health, beauty, friends, popularity . For the sake of money, we destroyed the planet . Because of the interest of oil companies we broadcast too much CO2 into the atmosphere. We  cut our forests which make the air and absorb CO2. 

We exterminated animals for fun, because of the trophy.

We forgot, everything that happens to the animals, will happened to  people too . Nature is our mother, but are we her children !?

And the nature  returns  a blow. With hurricanes. With earthquakes . With floods .With fires.

They impose to us the fashion taste, culture taste, music taste. We have too much depressed people because they can not to satisfy all the norms expected from them. They are fat, they are ugly, they are broke,they are……

Our school does not learn us “How to be happy“, “How to heal ourselves” “How to think with our head“. They teach us how to listen our bosses, to work without thinking , to kill for country, to  fight for the state . To buy products without thinking. To be IN.

But for God’s sake we are not machines. We are not made from microchips and power circuits.

We have a “real” brain. We have a “real” heart . We are humans. We are from flash and blood , and we have emotions. And, we, we have to fight .

What We Can Do !!!???

Our strongest  weapon is our mind. Our the  most powerful weapon are our thoughts. We are born free. With free will to do, to think , to act. Please friends, let’s unite with common goal. To share positive energy over the glob. To share positive thoughts and positive views. We are on the same side.  On the side of light .

You may think that you are powerless as an individual,
but you must know the real power is in you !

Our main weapon is our positive energy. The world needs us, more than ever. We must share love, because this is the most powerful emotion. Earth is our mother and we are her children. We must protect her, we need to take care of her. Spread positive things, smile, love, kindness. Our common energy ,positive energy is the best gift for our mother. When  she  sees us smiling, she will smile too. She, like any mother, has only one goal, that her children be happy.

So be happy my friends, we can do it together. We are connected with our mother, no doubt, with energy, with thoughts, with water .

Think, act and be positive because I know that You Can Do It !!!

You Can Blame Only Yourself

For every failure and for every success , you can blame only yourself !


For every delay in your living You Can Blame Only Yourself !

For every dissatisfaction in your life You Can Blame Only Yourself !

For every fall in your life You Can Blame Only Yourself !

For your bad life You Can Blame Only Yourself !

For your bad marriage, You Can Blame Only Yourself !

For your bad friendship, You Can Blame Only Yourself !

For a job you don’t like You Can Blame Only Yourself !

For a house you don’t like You Can Blame Only Yourself !

For a quitclaim of your dreams You Can Blame Only Yourself !

For your bad health conditions You Can Blame Only Yourself !

For your bad financial situation You Can Blame Only Yourself !

For your bad temper You Can Blame Only Yourself !

For your bad habits You Can Blame Only Yourself !

For your bad days You Can Blame Only Yourself !

For your bad choices You Can Blame Only Yourself !

Only then, when you start to blame yourself for everything, you will become FREE. You will become independent in every sense .The real reason is in that fact, that the only person you can change is YOU.

You can not change me, you can not change bad persons in your life, in most cases bad friendship or bad marriage .You can not change the abuser.You can change only your reaction on his/her acts.

If someone can to  throw you off balance, in that case , that person has a really power over your.And you gave him that power. But when you change your reaction on his/her acts, you will be calm in every situation.Then my friend, you have a real power.

Open your eyes .Try to take your life in your hands. It is easier than you think, but the first step is to start to blame yourself for your failures. I know that You Can Do It !!!