The Picture Of Yourself

It was a time of expansion of cities.The castles were built hastily.The king is anted to use the time of peace to strengthen its findings.

Traveler is came into city with his bag .He was different from other people.He was tall,with athletic figure,clean and shy.At a time when everyone was loud, he was placid, calm.He was looking for a job, and this was the reason for his visit to the city. He have a dream to marry the king’s daughter but he knew it, that was impossible.

Wherever he came to looking for a job other employees are laughed at him.Other workers, the little bald people with big bellies.

You can not work here, you see how skinny you are.

You are to tall for this job.

You are to  ugly.

You have too many teeth in your head.

He looked himself in the mirror only when he was shaving.He did not like to look in the mirror.He envied to  those little fat people. He envied  them on their big stomachs. He was athletic guy. Although he is ate a lot he could not get fat because of his metabolism.

One day, kings daughter was passing by in a carriage. She  noticed the beautiful, tanned young man in the crowd of other people. When she was passed he looked up and their eyes are met.It happened one day, then another day,  and then every day at the same time.

Encouraged by her views he found in his courage to stand in front of mirror, and  for the first time he looked at himself  with the right eyes.For the first time he is ignored the views of other people, and he is believed his own eyes,that he was beautiful, that he was great, that he was unique, that he was the best, that he was worthy of a princess.

Until death do us apart, they promised  each other.

The most important thing in life is what you think about yourself. It is so important for you, that this opinion can ruin your hole life and also raise you to the stars.

If you think you are not worth, you are not worth.

If you think you are not good,you are not good.

If you think you’re average,you are average.

But I’m telling you, you are worth of everything in this world.You are great. You are wonderful.You are the best in the hole world.Think, act and convince yourself that this is true,because it is. You deserve the best from life, so please take the best, and forget the rest.

Don’t ever, ever , ever think that you can not do something, because you are great, and and as such, You Can Do It – Everything.

Good bless you my Unique friend !



Once in a time, I have discovered that we are, humans,we are walking universe. That we create our own destiny. After that, nothing was the same !


  1. Thank you my friend for this article.This is so true.I think main reason is that many times we pay attention to what other people think about us instead to pay attention to what we think and how we percieve our self and world around us.


    “–You have too many teeth in your head.” I love this line 🙂


    • Hello my friend,

      I am glad that you like it. I wrote that about teeth because I see some people who are really smart,
      but they want to fit into the environment, and to be like others in order to be accepted,they lowered to the level of others,
      instead to being proud.

      Thanks you


  2. each one of us is blessed, just in different ways, some are blessed with there great voice, some with there ability to drew like if he is a photo copy, some are very crafty…. so just do your best and be wonderful.

    thank you Ben.


    • You are welcome Mo,

      what to say on your comment except thank you.It is so true.We are all great,we are all wonderful.We are all for something.So we need to find out for what, and to achieve our dreams.
      Thank you


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