Time is your best reminder that you must ACT NOW !

The story starts like this. In the modern era there was a man who did not have time for himself.He had a job and he was devoted to it.He liked his job, and he worked every day for ten hours. In  most  cases  he worked on Saturdays too.  He  had  a  good  salary  with  whom he could provide for himself and for his family  a large house. The kids had everything they wanted except one thing.Dad. He did not have time for them.

In the eyes of others he was very successful .Society is so percipated .If you have a big house, nice car, a lot of money, you have everything and you are successful.But, something was missing from him.TIME !!!

Time to spend it with his children.Time to spend it with his wife.Time to enjoy in his house.Time to go in the gym.Time to  do what he wants to do. Time for himself. He became dissatisfied.He became depressed.His children grew up but he missed their childhood.


Watches are all around us, in every corner, in every step.On our hands, on our walls, on churches, on shopping malls.But only to remind us  to hurry to reach our  next obligation. We’re hurrying to work, to pay bills, to pay taxes, to eat, to sleep and so every day.Just like a circle.

But when we will  have time for our dreams. We are not machines. We were not born to live on a autopilot.We are living  our dreams for later,for better time, for tomorrow .But what if tomorrow never comes ???

I’m starting to go to the gym on Monday .
I’m starting to run next month.
I will change my job next year.
I’m starting to meditate soon.

If you want something, you must take it .Not tomorrow, not next month, you must act now. Now is the only time  you actually have .Do not live in delusion that life is long, because it is not. It is too short . Also, life too valuable to be lived in a bad way.It’s bad every way you live the way you do not want it.

Now you are older than when you started reading this text. Look at the watch, and say to yourself “Now it is the right time“. Gather strength and start to change your life,your habits. Go toward your goal. Make a small step now. It’s important to move.

You Can Do It !!!



Once in a time, I have discovered that we are, humans,we are walking universe. That we create our own destiny. After that, nothing was the same !


    • Hello Janet,

      I agree with you totally.We must be very careful with our time,because one thing is certain ” our time will pass” .

      Thank you so much for your comment

      Stay wise


    • Hello Ngobesingˇ,

      your valuable comment is always welcome on my blog.
      Yes time is transient, and we must use it on the best possible way !

      Thank you so much for your comment


    • Hello Caz,

      you said it well.That is the purpose of my posts.That’s the purpose of my posts.To support people when they need support.

      Thank you for your comment

      Stay blessed


  1. So full of wisdom and encouragement.😃 Thank you for sharing. I’m a time focused person. I use it for more productive things and create time for little tasks to meet my goals. This post you made inspired me to do more with my time. Keep up the awesomeness


    • Hello Nina,

      you seem to be a deeply enlightened person, it is always my pleasure to talk to such people. You know to use your time wisely,and that is very important for great life.I believe that we must work on ourselves everyday to have a better life, but not only that, to use our time on the best possible way.

      Thank you so much for your valuable comment

      Stay wise and great


  2. I am ALL ABOUT: NOW. DO IT NOW. Do not wait. Waiting will get you no where and really, life is SO FAST – you can’t wait!! If you wait, it’s TOO LATE! I sound like an infomercial but they do have it right in saying you need to ACT NOW!


    • Hi Gigi,

      I love your comments, they are so alive.I will remember that ” If you wait, it’s TOO LATE”,you said it well and I agree totally.

      Thank you so much for your comment

      Stay positive


  3. You are so right to say, Now is the right time. Now is all we have and anyone can prove it. Just look at the time! What time is it? It is Now! And it always is Now. Always will be Now. Always has been Now. Now is all we have, there actually is no time. Time is an illusion that is/was needed for living on a 3-D Earth.
    Great post Ben! I really enjoy the way you share stories and with a powerful message. Thank you for following/reading my blog. I have been enjoying yours also.


    • Hello Ren,

      wow.What a wonderful comment.What time is it? It is Now! And it always is Now. These are historical sentences.So, so true. In fact now is the only time we have.One of my favorite movies is “The groundhog Day” with Bill Murray in main role.It is great comedy ( I love them ),and he said that great sentence “What if there’s no tomorrow“.It is comedy, but this sentence is great.This is the question we all need to ask ourselves,because tomorrow is not real.Real is only NOW, and you explained it on the great way.

      Thank you so much for your comment and stay great and positive


    • Hi Christy,

      yes it is,very precious.I’m sure you use your time wisely 🙂

      Thank you so much for your comment


  4. making the small steps is the way…
    taking action now is the start…
    reaching our goals is very rewarding…

    thank you dear Ben for showing the short cut’s for a happier life stale.


    • Hello Mo,

      you are so right.Step by step.Every step has its own weight and its own reward.

      Thank you so much for your comment


    • Hi Smitha,

      wow,marathon.That is a true endurance test.
      I will tell you just one thing,but I see that you know already You Can Do It !!!

      Thank you for your comment

      Stay strong


  5. Hi Ben,
    Your post made me thinking.
    As much as I agree with your concept of time, and it being right, I wonder what the consequences may be, of our actions on the future.
    I may be digressing completely out of point, but my current situation does make me wonder, what if I make some decisions, and then regret them in future only because, I did not analyse them and did not think about the future?


    • Hello Moushmi,

      there is one story about soldiers returning home, and they came to one big cave and in the dark it was something shining.They heard a voice from the darkness, who spoke: “ The one who take, it will regret,the one who does not take, it will regret ” .
      Some soldiers thought “Since I’m going to regret it, I will take it “- ,
      but others thought”Since I’m going to regret it, I will not take it“.

      When they came out they saw that they were diamonds,and indeed they all regretted it.
      -One group because they did not take it at all;
      -Second group because they did not take it more.

      That is life,we always regret for something we did or because of something what we did not do, but we should.
      For me it is always better to regret for something I did then to regret for something I did not.

      Create your future wise, you will regret anyway 🙂

      Thank you for your comment


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