To Do, Or Not To Do !?

The tired army, hungry, thirsty was walking home. And they  came upon a dark cave through which they had to pass. It was a passage through the mountain and the only road to home.

Frightened, they went through the mountain.They had no light but in the cave was a terrible darkness.Suddenly, they encountered on the great and big light and they hear the voice :” Who take this, it will regret,and who don’t take it it will regret ".

Some soldiers thought “If I will regret in any way, it is better to take it “, but some others thought “It is some kind of curse,and it is better to ignore it “.

And,that voice was right.

When they came out they saw that was a treasure.

So, those who took it, they regret because they did not taken more.

But those who did not take it, they regret because they did not taken even a little peace.

That is life my friends, eternal dilemma “ To do it or not. Hamlet’s dilemma “To be or not to be “”To go or not to go”, “To risk or not to risk” ,  “To take it or not”.

That is life. They say life is a battle .And he really is.But the biggest battle is in us,and with us.In life the  hardest job is to make decisions ,because they all have consequences, and you must be ready for them.

It is better to die on your feet than live on your kneesEmiliano Zapata

You must be brave to have a great life. It is not easy road. But courage is not the absence of fear.It is the victory over fear. As you can see from the story above, you can take it or not,in any way you will regret it. How many times you have found in similar situations. To take it or not.

I believe many, many times. And how many times you just knew it the right choice, but you did not take it, because of fear. Fear is our worst enemy.

Do you know which fear is the strongest one.The fear of change.

Opportunities in life comes and goes, but the bravest create them.

If you miss one chance do not despair, it will come another one. But please my dear friends, do not miss them all,please .Grab it, take it, say yes no matter what. Maybe you will failed, maybe you will be dissapointed but you will made it finally .

It is better to say to yourself at the end of your life “I gave my best, and I failed” then ” I missed my chance” .

But I am sure, that You Can Do It !!!


Once in a time, I have discovered that we are, humans,we are walking universe. That we create our own destiny. After that, nothing was the same !


  1. great ending Ben
    {It is better to say to yourself at the end of your life “I gave my best, and I failed” then ” I missed my chance” .}


    • Hi Mo,

      thank you. I believe that is really true,because I know so many people who repent because they did not do it something,because they were passive,and life can not stand the passivity.Life always seeks to develop


  2. I love your posts. They are always so motivating. When I left my full-time job at a university, my dean told me, “No one goes to his/her grave saying I wish I would have worked more.” I think it’s important to pursue what you are passionate about (it won’t be easy) while keeping balance in your home.


    • Hello Ipuna,

      thank you for your comment.I am always happy when I see you commenting because I love your energy and attitude. You are so brave and strong.Your story is always a great motive for me,and I am sure for all people here.

      God bless you


  3. hey Ben, great article! thanks !!
    by the way, are you in a break of trading ?

    god bless you !


    • Hi c,thank you for your coment. I am glad that you like it. I am very active my friend on market. I am little less active on forum,it seems he is loss liquidity .


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