Two Brothers

Our life is the product of our thoughts, our beliefs.If you want to change your life you must change your mold, your thoughts and with that your beliefs .

Two brothers, from same parents, born in the same town,  brought up on the same way,  they experienced  a different  fate. One has became an entrepreneur, simply because he did not want to work for others. He has had great results in his job, and in his life too.
But the second one has become a tire dealer. He never had the courage to try to do some job for himself, because he had a fear of failure. He worked for small salary, with faith that sometimes in his life he will change that job, and his life. That day had never come.

Two brothers with two  different ambitions.

First was believed that you are the master of your destiny, and you must create your life to be great and take your destiny in your hands.

The second one was believed that you are born with destiny,and everything what is write somewhere will happened to you.You can not fight with destiny.

First was believed that life is gift from God, and you must live every day like your last one,because one day you will be  right.

The second one was believed that this life is punishment,and you must live because you are born.But you you were born to suffer.

The first one has believed that you must defeat your fear if you want to have a great life.

The second one was believed that fear is embedded in people  to safe them from bad things in life,to lead them in the right road.

The first one was a rich. He  had a great family, a lot of free time and he was happy.

The second one was miserable. He was poor, he had a full time job where he spent 10-12 hours a day.

Two brothers with two different attitude, with two different mold, with  two different beliefs, with two different life.

You are what you think you are. You life is in your hands. I believe in destiny.But I believe that we should create our destiny,that our destiny will not happened to us if we don’t grab her. We can not be passive in our life.

We are passive because of fear. We have a too much fears in life. Fear of failures, fear of criticism, fear of life. That fear blocks you . That fear will destroyed your life finally . You are born to have a great life.You are not born to be average .

The only thing that nobody can take it from us is our free will. To think different, to act different to create our life on our way.

No one can tell you what you should do with your life.Nor parents, nor society, nor friends, nor culture. It is all up to you.

Stop judge others,because they are not like you,like your friends.

Respect happy people,because they know a big secret, and that is that you are the master of your destiny.

The choice is yours. Make it real because You Can Do It !!!


Once in a time, I have discovered that we are, humans,we are walking universe. That we create our own destiny. After that, nothing was the same !


  1. Ben! This quote referring to the two brothers and explaining of the Free Will is excellent and that opens the closed fist to make know of the secrets of life.
    Regards and Love to You


    • Hello Shiva,

      thank your for your valuable comment.I am glad that you like it.
      Some people are not aware that they have the full control on their life hole time.
      Then they choose a road which everybody walks, they become average. They forget that
      they must choose own road, and create destiny.
      Thank you Shiva


  2. Ben! My post right now on my front page says it all but in a different way “Habit of Forming a Habit”. It does speak of free will but having not to mention that. You may read it.

    This comment did not post from my blog while I was on it just now, so I had to come here and post it. In such cases it shall be difficult to reply back. Please check on this.


    • Thank you,

      I will check it Shiva,be sure in that.
      You are great writer and great motivational speaker.


  3. Ben again I had to come here to comment, I happened to go to your Gravatar in which there is no mention of your site, so please mention your site so people can come here directly to your site. One more thing there is no ‘like’ icon in your comment page, so you shall not come to know who has liked your post or response comment. Are you on WP (WordPress) I mean a wordpress blogger?
    Its time for me to go for lunch. Thanks


    • Thank you so much Shiva for your concern.
      I must admit that I’m not update my gravatar for a long time.I have just added my web site.Yes I am using word press.
      I’m not sure about like on post page, I think I have that.You mean on comment form,yeap.I see.

      Thank you so much Shiva.I am open for every suggestions and comments


  4. Another great article, Ben!

    I thinkg that living every day like your last one can help a lot to overcome fear.

    Why to be afraid? Afraid of what? Maybe today is our last day, maybe tomorrow we get ill or we lose our health, maybe tomorrow we are going to die for whatever reason. Illness and death come without warning even if we are young!

    We should not rely so much on tomorrow.

    We should not leave so many things to do for tomorrow. Today is the best time we have. In fact, the present time is all what we have. Don’t wait for tomorrow to do whatever you want, if you can do it today, do it.

    We shouldn’t take for granted that there will always be a tomorrow for us. I think this is the main problem for a lot of people. They don’t value the present and they always think that tomorrow will be best time. Enjoy now, there is no better time to be happy than right now!

    Ben, 24 DUCATS is a great article of yours that will probably help people to understand life and perhaps this view of life can possibly help them to overcome fear. As you are saying in this article…, “some people begin to live after they’ve experienced some trauma.They begin to live when they are near to death. Only then they recognize the true value of their life.Only then they start appreciating “the time”.


    • Hello Jordi,

      thank you so much for your fantastic comment.I see that you really understand all my messages from all my posts,which means a lot to me and that tell me that my posts are not as complicated like sometimes seems to me :). This is my friend the best CONCLUSION for this and “24 ducats” article. I don’t have anything to add except thank you for your contribution. I know that you are truly enlightenment man who appreciates every moment of his life.It is really blessing to have you as a friend.

      Thank you so much


  5. Fantastic post, Ben! I am after the first man’s heart fully knowing I and I alone create my life. I had to cut away a lot of lies and misbeliefs but now and for years I’ve followed my own heart. I actually left a career when I injured my lower back which left me floundering not knowing what to do. Little by little I learned how to make my own life the way I want. I’ve just begun and I’ve been it for years. I cannot even imagine anyone telling me how to live my life now. I LOVE my life.


    • Hello Amy,

      thank you so much for your comment.I am more than happy when I meet people who are masters of their lives. You said it well “Little by little“,because we must aware that change can not come over night .It is process which start with our decision. I like to say “If you want the change be the change” and you definitely are.Life is great, and I am happy because you love your life.You are a shining example what kind of attitude towards life, we need to have

      Thank you


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