Ultima forsan




What would you do if you knew that you will live just one more day?

Have you ever thought about that ? Are you aware that life is passable ?Do you behave and live with the knowledge ? How often do you do the things that you love ?

All of these questions asked himself a very busy man after traveling to  Tibet.

He has worked hard throughout the whole year.From 9 am to 9 pm .He was under a lot of stress during the year.His soul was poisoned with anger,sadness,with depression and he decided to go on a pilgrimage in Tibet to try to find  peace and energy for new working victories .

He left his cell phone, laptop, and went on a journey.

After much walking he came to the monastery, where he spent seven days .

He was impressed by the peaceful energy which is spread in monastery .

He was particularly enthusiastic about one monk who lived in a separate part of the monastery. Seven days he was gathering the courage to speak to him ,but the monk sensed that and invited him into his home .

He had a thousand unanswered questions yet he did not ask monk a thing.

The monk knew for his moral dilemma, and for his questions, so he gave him hourglass with the words Ultima forsan ( maybe the last).And that was all.The monk asked him to leave.He was confused but he went  without comment.

He stayed  for seven days more,alone, thinking about himself and his life,keeping all the time an hourglass in his hand.In his head  was echoing Ultima forsan,Ultima forsan,Ultima forsan.

The rest of the story finished by itself .

Life is passable, be aware of it.This should not discourage us. This should give us the power to live. One wise man asked himself, “Is there life before death“. I say YES!!!

Do the things which make you happy. Breathe fully. Life is usually what happens to us while we rush  for our dreams. Do the things that you love, no matter what someone will say. Be free. Live the life how you want, because YOU CAN DO IT !!!


Once in a time, I have discovered that we are, humans,we are walking universe. That we create our own destiny. After that, nothing was the same !

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