Wake Up

Wake up and take your life into your own hands !
It is time !

The beginning of my awakening has  start  at  the  turning  point  of  my  life,  when  I  was   at the intersection. In period of my life when I was too young to deal too much with my thoughts and too mature to ignore the power of the mind.

After that, my whole life has changed. Because I changed.

I believe in change. That word  have a great meanings. That word for me is the call  for awakening. Change your thoughts, and your whole life will change. That word is that powerful .

In our lives, we create  pictures in our head, the picture of our friends , the picture of our parents, the picture of our  relatives.  But ask your self is it this picture good !? Is it real  !?

People often say “I was disappointed, in my friends, in my brother, in my parents, in my wife, in my husband ,in my…..” But in fact what you were disappointed with . You’re disappointed in the  picture about that person created by you in your head. If you are disappointed  that only means that your picture was wrong .

You can blame only yourself.  Your picture was wrong and you should be aware of that.  You  created in your head an expectations from your friends, that they will be for you in the hard times, because , hey , they are “great”. And when the hard times come, and you stay alone, because your friends are not there with you and you start to blame them for that. Stop here. Please WAKE UP !!!  They are not guilty for anything. They are humans, just like you. Your picture was wrong. Your expectations were wrong.

You can not change them. You can not change  a single person. But you can change yourself. And this is the real power.This is great, and this is real freedom my friends. Freedom is in us, and the real power is in humans.

You better be surprised than disappointing !

After awakening you will become free. Free in full sense . You will become the master of your life .You will become born again.

Is it rain outside, who cares, I am happy.
You did not come to my wedding, I don’t care, you can not hurt me.

The real life begins when you take your life in your hands. After my awakening my  third eyed opened and with that my whole, new life started 🙂

Be responsible for yourself and your life. Stop blaming other people for everything. Be brave enough to WAKE UP because on this way your life will become Amazing, so, you are amazing and I am sure that You Can Do It !!


Once in a time, I have discovered that we are, humans,we are walking universe.
That we create our own destiny. After that, nothing was the same !


  1. “…You’re disappointed in the picture about that person created by you in your head. If you are disappointed that only means that your picture was wrong ..”

    That’s brilliant, my friend!!!
    It’s always a pleasure to read your articles 😉


    • Hell Jordi,

      thank you so much for your comment. I believe that the key of happiness lying in our hands. We must mature in spiritually sense to take our life in own hands and menage it on the right way 🙂 And the best way is to create a real picture about life and all what going with that 🙂

      Thank you


  2. Ben! Every time YOU DO IT.
    I love it to say so.
    Wake Up is a call to be given to self, people as you say take the liberty and pains to wake up others. So ridiculous.
    Awesome post.
    Blessings to YOU
    Ben your site is asking me details Name , Email and Website
    I think you better change the settings, it should not ask for blogging friends.


    • Hello Shiva,

      You Can Do It, that is so true, and that is my mantra.With that mantra I want to send a message to the world:
      Let’s unite for a common goal , to make this world a better for all people, to create positive environment for all“.

      Thank you so much for your comment


    • Hi Subbashini,

      yes, that can change your life for good. Or it is better to say this will change your life for good 🙂

      Thank you so much for your comment


  3. love your righting Ben, its so great man.

    just when you sad {You can not change a single person}!!?? yes by trying to fores them too; but dear Ben you must know that you are changing so many persons with your great writing, thank you so much.


    • Hello my friend,

      you notice that well. Thank you.

      I am more than happy because I have received so far only positive feedback from people.That is very important for me,because that is a sign that I am on the right path, and I’m transmitting my message on the right way.That is a sign people understand what I want to say. You know that I like to say “If you wanna change be the change” , because people are ready for change and are therefore changing.

      I hope that my posts are just a small wind in the back to all people on their path of enlightenment.

      Thank you so much my friend, for your support , day by day, week after week , month after month .
      Without you , and without supportable people like you, I would failed on my mission .

      God bless you


  4. One of the things I have to keep learning is as soon as I sense blame going out of me to another, something is wrong with myself, even if objectively there are grounds for the blame. Often I don’t even see myself dong the blaming until it is over.
    frankhubeny recently posted…One-Liner Wednesday — EquinoxMy Profile


    • Hi Frank,

      a man should work on himself while he is alive.

      I am glad that you are thinking on that way. Feeling guilty is bad for you, no matter what is the reason, because it only lowers the frequency of your body and that can ultimately endanger your health.But that sentence “I have to keep learning ” telling me that you are aware of it and finally you will make it and get rid of that feeling for good.

      Thank you for your comment


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