War Zone

Do you have the time for everything ? I believe you don’t.  I believe that you have time for everything except for yourself.Please find some  time for yourself .You must  find time for yourself.

A young business man has traveled around the world, visiting a branch of his company. He had great wealth, he was a very rich.He had no time to enjoy in  his wealth.He had no time to go on vacation.He had no time to sleep on time.He had no time to eat on a regular basis.He had no time to walk. He had no time to work out. He had no time for anything except for his job.

For some people money becomes the goal, instead of means for achieving the goal !

He had time only for business. Between two cities in which he had his missionswas located desert.He was rushed to a meeting,and he did not have time to stop at a gas station,and poured fuel into the car.He had no time.When he reached  half of the desert the car went off, due to lack of fuel.

He was alone, without a car, without fuel, without hope. Through the desert was  passed a vehicles very rare. He was desperate.He spent two days wandering through the desert.  Then, finally has appeared  a truck.He was exhausted,  dehydrates but safe.

Do you have time for yourself ?

We are just like car. We have inward machine.We have our fuel.We have filters. We have our gas stations, and we need just like car a rest.

Many people say that they don’t have a time  for physical activity,for meditation, for yoga.But I asked them, do you have a time to pour fuel in your car ?You don’t have a time to be health. Is it possible. All diseases of our  body starting because of stress,because stress generates a negative emotions, and negative emotions generates sick cells in our body.


We are every day in war zone.Our war zone is our job, our home, our life, our neighbors,our friends,all media.They bombing us with negative news.Our friends, they bombing us with negative thoughts, with indisposition. The media bombard us with the terrible news. All this consumes our fuel.All this consumes our filters and we don’t have a time for loading.

When we become ill,then it is too late, but then we have enough time to go to the doctor, to lie down in the hospital. We have all time.

So, ask yourself: How much time you dedicate to your machine,your body machine per day ?

Your entire life is in your hands.Your health and your diseases.Your happiness and your misery.

Do not wait until you run out of fuel. Do not wait to your filter be blocked. Act now. Meditate, walk, eat healthy, think healthy,be positive, because You Can Do It !!!



Once in a time, I have discovered that we are, humans,we are walking universe. That we create our own destiny. After that, nothing was the same !


  1. “For some people money becomes the goal, instead of means for achieving the goal !”

    So true Ben, so true. It was to me, then I got sick but now I’m in happy recovery!
    Thanks for great articles.


    • Hi Steven,

      I am glad that you have achieved enlightenment.In the constant race for money sometimes people forget what their goal is.
      And then,they become unhappy.Money is good servant,but bad master.

      Thank you for your comment


  2. yes balance is very important or the long run.

    we must not get too consumed by life, always adjust to balanced life, thank you Ben


    • Hey Mo,

      yes,your are right.We need some time for us.We must save our body and brain from destruction.
      And for that , we need some time every day.

      Thank you for your comment


  3. Ben, Time is just an illusion, right! And stress doesn’t help anything. Thanks for the positive words today. Take care of yourself first!


    • Hi Ipuna,

      thank you for your comment. Time is illusion indeed.With time, we must be careful and we must find some time in every day for itself.
      This is the only way to preserve our fuel.


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