We Are Not Machines

We are not a machine, although we sometimes behave like that !

I watched a show where the journalist got the idea to test our  humanity. He lay down on the street where pedestrians walk and he pretended to be dead. No one approached him for 20 minutes. He lay there for 20 minutes and stood up in disbelief . I was shocked !

What happened to us ? Are we machines ?
Where our hearts have disappeared ?

We made a bypass but  we lost the heart! We think too much  but we do not feel enough ! We build bridges but we are not connected ! We feed a lot our body, but our soul  a little!

We make big houses but we’re destroying families ! We buy pills that cure everything but we do not want to look into ourselves! We know too much , but we apply knowledge a little !

We love a little bit, but we hate a lot ! We have  a term for those who spread hatred “Haters“,but we don’t have a term for those who spread love! We want a lot,  but we’re working on it a bit !

We are fighting against the war, but not for the peace! We  want to change others but not ourselves! We have large telescopes but narrow horizons ! We fight for ideals but not for morality!  We learn to love even though we were born with it!

We picture ourselves more but we have less and less pictures!We have a lot of pictures on social medias but we don’t have a photo album! We live in a virtual world and less and less in reality!  We have more and more reality shows but we do not have our own lives ! 

I believe in humanity. I believe in you ! Although,they are trying to make machines from us, we are not machines, we are humans. We have a heart and soul, and now we have a proof for that. We have love in our hearts. We are humans ! We are God’s creatures, light creatures with great possibilities, to share love, to share positive energy , to think with own head !

Maybe you have fake smile, fake lips, fake breasts,but under your skin is not machine, under your skin  is blood and flesh, under your skin are cells, under your skin is energy, under is soul, under is real you !

Be yourself, talk about love, talk about positive energy, share positive vibes over the globe .Tell the people you love, loud and clear I love you, I care about you. Show them that you are not machine, that you are human being, that you have a soul, and you will attract positive energy in your life, and your life will change on better !

You Can Do It !!!


Once in a time, I have discovered that we are, humans,we are walking universe.
That we create our own destiny. After that, nothing was the same !


  1. What a post my friend. Applause. Straight from heart reaching our hearts.loved it. Very relevnat to today’s lifestyle. My fav line.. WE BROKE THE ATOM BUT NOT THE PREJUDICE..wow.. killer!!!! Infact entire post was a killer..thank you for this wonderdul reminder.indeed blessed to be a human
    Lots of love…
    Jayshreee Solanki recently posted…Handcrafted Me!My Profile


    • Hi Jay,

      today it is hard to be human being.We Everybody is trying to be something else, but not humans.To be dolls, to be perfect,no grease, no smile, no emotions,but we are not dolls.We are humans. Only God is perfect. We are humans.That is the most important thing.We are humans, just that, but quite enough to be great !

      Thank you so much for your great comment !


  2. hi Ben,
    Really bizarre, it only works if I don’t use a capitol letter first !
    Anyway, brilliant post, there is such a cult of ‘me’ and recent generations seem unable to think for themselves and beyond consumerism . They actively seek what they should wear,drink,eat, watch and ‘do’. They think putting a coin in a red cross collection box is enough, then carry on buying useless things. As dreadful as my illness is, as bleak as things seem I have my humanity and I’m grateful for that. I am financially broken yet living as my true self.
    Nigel P Smith recently posted…WESTERN HAIKU – SNAP POETRY-APERCUSMy Profile


    • Hi Nigel,

      that is really strange.I did not have such a case 🙂
      Well, hypocrites.There are plenty of them.Everything is fake about them. They go to church but violate God’s commandments.They give attachments to others but just to feel better. We live in a false society with a distorted value system. We live in material world, and we have material minds and material hearts .

      But, when we rise above material things, only then we become aware of ourselves.

      Stay yourself my friend . Stay above ! Thank you so much for your comment


  3. Real problem is no one is there to tell a child or remind a person that you are born live like a human not machine, even if someone is there ,number of people who advices people to run in a race for achieving more and more are huge.people today have cell but losing their soul. Thank you for reminding what it is to be born as a human .


    • Hi Joy,

      that is correct. Because they’re educating us like that, from the start. Our parents, in school, from television, through movies, through culture,through songs . It is a big machine with only one purpose.To make machines from us.

      Machines which will buy products, movies, music. Machines which will fight for system. Soldiers without heart,without soul. Machines which will buy medicines for headache, for depression, for everything without thinking.

      You are so welcome and thank you so much for your comment !


  4. There is term for haters but there is also the term for the person who spread love… Lovers 🙂. Lovers spread love right?


    • Or, it could be a term for people in love. We could find a lot of interpretations, but when you said “hater”,you know without any doubt the real meaning


    • Hi Frank,

      yes, you are right.I agree with you, we are not machines.We must be aware of that,always !

      Thank you for your time !


    • Hi Brigid,

      that was sad,l I agree.I was shocked.
      Still, I believe in humanity.We will find our way towards the light 🙂

      Thank you so much for your comment !


  5. Its a powerful post, that tells where we are now. In today’s world everyone is running have no time to stop and listen even to the people near by. But I still believe in humanity and strongly believe it is living in this earth.
    subbashini recently posted…ExceptionalMy Profile


    • Hi Subbashini,

      wonderful comment . I agree with you totally. I also believe in humanity.The better time will come, and I believe that we must be that change,our friends, our family.We must be that bright example what we want to see in the world.

      Thank you so much for your comment and your time 🙂


    • Hi Amy,

      yes, we are connected with positive energy.Energy does not know the boundaries, and obstacles. Thank you so much for your post and for your comment


  6. Beautiful and well-written Ben! I love the way you express what should be the most basic ideals to all of us human beings! Thank you for your great writing and I will continue to follow as I relate to so much of what I have seen so far!


    • Hello Lynne,

      I really believe that we must be humans.We are born as conscious beings and we should act like that.
      I know in this material world,sometimes we lose that thread, but working on oneself and with open mind we can easily go back to right track 🙂

      Thank you so much for your time and for your wonderful comment !
      God bless you and stay positive !


  7. Hi Ben.
    This post went straight to my soul.. Thumbs Up for this beautiful post. sometimes i ask my self what humanity is turning into. How did we become like this? how did we lose all our human values? the more i tried to find out the more confused i get.


    • Hello Oyibo,

      I am glad to hear that.Don’t be confused my friend.That is because of everything around us.Main stream medias, movies, music.Everything is so destructive.Just watched movies.It is not normal that we have a lot of bloods in every movie .At first we are terrified and after a while we get used to it.So it’s brainwashing.This is killing humanity.Or cartons .They are so violent .Step by step they killing our soul.

      But we are on the right way to change some things , right. With our positive energy, and positive attitude our environment will be positive !

      Thank you so much for your great comment and your valuable time !


  8. There certainly is a lot of hatred in the world.. which is why I’m so glad to have found you here, Ben, as you remind us there is positive energy within our control that we can give and receive willingly… Wishing you a beautiful day!


    • Hi Christy,

      I agree with you.Hate is really big.Animosity to everything.We will change that,slowly but surely .We will.
      Thank you Christy. I am glad you are here 🙂
      I believe that I have attracted you with my positive energy. I believe in attraction law. You are very positive
      person Christy, and very helpful. I am blessed because I can tell, that you are my friend !

      Thank you for everything 🙂


    • Hello Philip,

      wow, you are very convincing, and I love that.
      Of course that we can do it.But also, we must do it .
      We will change our world, I am sure, on better 🙂

      Thank you so much for your great comment.Stay blessed


  9. you shaded a light to very important dark face in life, and this great post will wake many towards there natural humanity.

    thank you so


    • Hello my dear friend,

      when you say it, it certainly has its weight and I believe you.
      I hope it will, my friend. We must share positive posts, because every word is one energy piece !

      Thank you for your time ! Best regards and say hello to your family .


  10. My husband actually jokes that he is a person with machine emotions, and at times I can believe it… Ha! I, on the other hand, am a robot about certain aspects in my life, but I am definitely not a robot overall. I am way too emotional to be one.


    • Hello GiGi,

      we all sometimes act like machines, right. We have mechanical reactions, we perform mechanical actions.That is normal, but in fact under our skin is heart, and soul.We are humans.And somehow in all this turmoil called life, we forget that fact. That we are just humans.

      I am sure that you have a great heart 🙂

      Thank you so much for your great comment !


  11. Great piece of writing Ben! I love how much effort you place into your writing; you take the time to get positive messages disseminated that people everywhere should be reading! This is what the world needs xx


    • Hello Diana,

      I just enjoy writing and if the result of that is a positive message,I really do not know what to wish more 🙂
      Thank you so much for your support and for encouragement:)

      Stay positive and creative


  12. I copied from yours :
    “We made a bypass but we lost the heart! We think too much but we do not feel enough ! We build bridges but we are not connected !1 We feed a lot our body, but our soul a little!”

    I like that !!
    Thank you for share !!


    • Hi Evir,

      that is so true unfortunately.We become more and more machines and less and less humans.
      But I am sure that we can change that.I am sure that humans will win in this fight!Just we must open our hearts and minds !

      Thank you for reading and thank you for your comment!


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