What is your base camp ?



A group of hikers decided to conquer the top of the K2.With an altitude of 8611 meters, after Mount Everest, it is  the second highest mountain in the world.It is the only mountains that was never defeated  in the winter .

They had a strong will, strong desire. They preparing for days, months, they collected money for years.They found a guide and headed to his goal. They were aware that their task is very dangerous and to risk their lives in this march.They knew that every fourth person who  have climbed to the top get hurt and died during commissioning,and no one who died on the mountain is not a decent burial.The mountain was their grave.

They wanted to enroll among the 300 climbers who actually reached the summit of K2.The desire for glory is stronger then desiry for life for some people.

The most important thing in people who climb is base camp.They must have a good and strong base camp if they want to live.Special attention they devoted to the base camp, and most of its assets are invested precisely in base camp.

When they set out to conquer the top of the northern route, which is faster but more dangerous the weather was wonderful. In the sky there were no clouds, the falling snow has stopped falling.When they moved  2 hours from the camp, the weather suddenly changed and started strong and terrible storm.Powerful wind began blowing snow started falling i abruptly nightfall.Surprised at such weather they began to slowly pull to the camp, but they were particularly afraid that the storm had swept their camp.If so, then their lives are finished.When they returned after a couple of  hours they saw them to be carried to the base camp resists weather and waiting for them.

They entered and greeted to the time calm.After that are greeted their chance and won the top.

This story is so similiar with our life. We have life, we live our lives, we encounter various  on problems and recommendations,but if we do not have a strong base camp, a strong base from which we draw our energy, our supplies will soon be exhausted and we  will not be able to fight with all the difficulties.

Ask your self What is your base camp ?


Once in a time, I have discovered that we are, humans,we are walking universe. That we create our own destiny. After that, nothing was the same !

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