When I Get Old

When I get old, I want to have behind me, years filled with life!

When I get old, I want to have a peace in my soul,but  not because peace comes with age, but because I’m sure that I used my opportunities in the best possible way.

When I get old, I want to have a smile on my face, but not because I am wise and enlightened, but because  I have overcome all my fears in life.

When I get old, I want to have hope in my heart, but not because I was  good in my life, and I am expecting an award for that, but because I am sure that I am pure energy, and energy never dies.

When I get old, I want to be happy with my family , but not because I have my kids, I have my descendants, but  because I learned them how to live their life with full potential.

When I get old, I want to excited. But not because I am at the end of my road, and I am not sure what is behind the scene. But because I want to live with full lungs my whole time on Earth.My every minute. My last second.

When I get old I want to be serene, but not because  I’m tired of life,but because I  do not regret for missed opportunities in life.

When I get old, I want to speak less. But not because I’m tired of talking, but because I want to my word have a deep meaning for the listener which can help him/her to think about his/her life.

When I get old, I want to be thankful, to God, to Universe, To Heaven, because they gave me this great opportunity calling  life. They gave me the biggest weapon in Universe, my brain. They gave me free will to do with my life what I think that is the best for me.

When I get old, I want to be old,but not because I am just old and I can not be young again ,but because  I am aware of the transience of life. I spent my whole life ripening to get to this stage. I want to enjoy in every moment , in every breath of my maturity .
When I get old, I want to have just enough power to tell you one more time, that You Can Do It !!!


Once in a time, I have discovered that we are, humans,we are walking universe. That we create our own destiny. After that, nothing was the same !


  1. I have to say big thanks to you as its only you who remined I am having powerful weapon in the universe. Thank you so much, this word will definitely have good impact on my life.
    subbashini recently posted…My PathMy Profile


    • Hi Subbashini,

      I am happy when you set the things on that way.Indeed, the great power is in you. You must have a great faith to use it.Use your great potential, use resources around us, use energy, use atoms, to create your life on the best possible way.

      Thank you so much for your comment 🙂


  2. I like the idea of looking ahead as you’ve done here and seeing what you want to be like, in body, mind, and spirit. Well done, Ben 🙂


    • Hello Christy,

      sorry for my reply with delay.
      There is only one path in life.It’s forward.We all need to go there 🙂

      Thank you so much for your comment !


  3. When I get old, I want to see my footsteps on the sands of the sands of the earth. Not because I loved trekking or enjoyed the feel of the sand under my feet but because I lived a good life worthy of emulation. Thanks Ben for this great reminder. Have a blessed week ahead.
    Whitney ibe recently posted…The Virtue Of DiligenceMy Profile


    • Hello Whitney,

      sorry for my reply with delay.Thank you for great reply.
      I’m sure your traces will stay but not only in the sand.Your traces will stay written in humanity,because you are on the right path, with your kindness and support, to be enrolled in the books of people who have contributed to the development of the human race.

      Thank you so much for your comment 🙂


    • Hello Shiva,

      everything in its time.Every time has its benefits. And we must be wise to do our best, to live with fulfill life.Only fulfilled life makes sense.Only fulfilled life is worth to be lived!

      Thank you my friend


    • Hi Shiva,

      Wp makes some changes, and it seems that you now have comment directly from reader.
      Your comment and your energy is always welcome in my site and life 🙂

      Thank you so much for your support


  4. When I get old I want exactly what has been written by you, Ben! Thank you for sharing <3 It is always pleasure to read your words! I hope you had a great time with your family during Christmas celebrations!


    • Hello Vero,

      thank you so much for your reply. I spent a great time with my family during Christmas.It is great time to eat and to sing with my loved ones.Great time is the time when I charge my batteries for new victories 🙂

      Thank you so much for your comment


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