You are not honest , admit



Two best friends, very best friends who have been inseparable since childhood had hung for against the other did not have any secret.They knows all about each others. It was really good frinedship.

Their friendship flourished until the moment until they fell in love with the same girls.Since so many girls they are fell in love the same . It was so sad.

They tried to agree on who have a right on her.

  • If you want to be happy you must let me be my girlfriend
  • I can be happy only if she be my girlfriend
  • You do not want to I be happy it is obvious
  • No. You do not want to I be happy.

They were argue every day , every single day. The girl is gone, and they never were friends anymore, and they cut off all communications.Each of them thought he was right. And each of them was the right .

We are living in lies

We live a life, we spent our hole lives and we are not honest with ourself . Actualy we are rarely honest in our lives. We live in lack of knowledge and lack of honest.

Friend is told to another friend “If you want to I be happy “. But in the reallity this question is so unfear, and rudely because my happy is much important for me than yours.

It would be a lot more honest to each of them said: My happiness is the most important to me.

I am happy with you, because I feel good nad I feel nice. I can not be happy just because you are happy. It is not normal. I want to this girl be my girlfriend, and it is a much important to me, than to be your girlfriend.

We are not honest with ourselves, we are full of excuses for all our actions, because our cutlure our parents they educate us in the wrong way.

You must have heard a lot of times when someone says, I do not want to quit smoking because I like to smoke a cigarette while drinking coffee, when I resting after hard work. Deep inside , he or she want to quit smoking, but they have a problem with nicotin. They are addicted of nicotin. It is hard to say , I am addicted from anything. We think we are so perfect, be in the reality we are not. We are so average .But when we admit ourselfs some tings, then we stop to be avarege,mediocrities and rise into the higher levels .

Stop live in lies and please be honest



Once in a time, I have discovered that we are, humans,we are walking universe. That we create our own destiny. After that, nothing was the same !

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